Three restaurants in Oslo with Norwegian food

June 26, 2017 • 2 min read

When in Oslo, you of course, need to try out the real deal – Norwegian food. It’s not as scary as it sometimes may sound (brown cheese, I mean, we got more than that, come on!). Here are three restaurants to try in Oslo. 

Ecological, Norwegian food at Kolonihagen
Located in the city district of Frogner you will find the restaurant Kolonihagen. With a big beer garden open during summer, this place is really worth a visit. On the menu, you will find local fish and chicken with exciting accessories. Book your table by sending an email to the restaurant,
click here!

Continuous changing menu at Kampen Bistro
On Bøgata 21 in the district called Kampen lies Kampen Bistro, a restaurant whose menu changes on a daily basis. Depending on the supply and season, the chef makes a new menu every day, so you never know what you can expect, except that it’ll be Norwegian food! Book your table at this exciting restaurant here.

Gamle Raadhus Restaurant in an ancient setting
Practically as centrally located as one can be lies Gamle Raadhus, next to Akershus Fortress. The restaurant is located in the city’s old city hall from 1641, with of course, sets the atmosphere quite fantastic. Go to Gamle Raadhus for Norwegian ingredients and famous dishes like lutefisk! See the full menu on Gamle Raadhus website.