Music tours in Scandinavia

The Winner Takes It All during a music tour in Scandinavia, so tune into the rhythm of the Nordics with OURWAY Tours’ cultural compositions.

Why choose music tours in Scandinavia?

Just as a country’s capital is shaped by events happening in the streets, buildings and people of its past, a complement to a city’s sights is its nation’s sounds. During a music tour in Scandinavia, you’ll view the landscape whilst soaking up the soundscape we’ll play to you – adding your own voice to the chorus of talent on offer.

What bands and songs come from Scandinavia?

Take a Chance on a tour including both real life and pop royalty. Stockholm shows the signs of its history as a great superpower, and with one of the world’s most famous supergroups in ABBA you’ll be saying “Mamma Mia, that was a great experience!” With other famous artists such as Roxette, Ace of Base and Europe providing nostalgic indulgence, more recent artists such as Swedish House Mafia, Robyn and the late yet great Avicii show the diversity of Swedish dance numbers to sing and sway to.

In Oslo, you’ll have an A-Ha moment, as Norway’s most famous 1980s export were the creators of the impossible-not-to-sing-along-to Take On Me. With equally big hair, the 19th Century Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg will have you humming to his In the Hall of the Mountain King – it’s been used in many television shows, movies and commercials, so you’re bound to know it! Looking to the future, if you haven’t heard of Aurora you soon will – as cool as a dip in the fjord, she has been compared to Björk and Florence (of ‘And The Machine’ fame).

Dreaming of Copenhagen? Well Enter Sandman…as Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich is perhaps the most famous Dane in modern music. For something a little more sugary, Turn Back Time to the 1990s as pop foursome Aqua’s tunes such as Barbie Girl and Doctor Jones dominated the charts, airwaves…and in the 2020s on your tour! Denmark’s modern music scene boasts many artists, with singer-songwriter Mø gaining much acclaim and the prominent Thomas Troelsen producing tracks for artists such as Justin Bieber, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Nile Rodgers, Chris Brown, Meghan Trainor and Akon. However it’s perhaps Lukas Graham who has achieved the most recognition internationally as the band stormed the US billboard in 2016 and beyond boasting billions of streams on Spotify for songs such as 7 years and Love Someone.

What about Eurovision?

Not all European countries care about the annual Eurovision song Contest…and those countries are not in Scandinavia! Denmark and Norway have won the contest three times each and, impressive as that is, they’re a little behind Sweden who have won five! There may be peace in the region after many centuries of conflict, but there’s nothing like battle of the best gimmicks and saccharin sweet songs to stir up old rivalries!

Get ready to belt up and belt out a song or three on OURWAY’s music tours in Scandinavia!

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Swedish Pop Wonders

Stockholm 2h 0m 8 - 30 Multiple languages

Our Swedish Pop Wonders Private Driving Tour lets you channel our inner pop star and sing along to some of Sweden’s greatest hits while checking out Stockholm’s must-see locations. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

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