Medieval Oslo Walk - From Ashes to Rebirth

Its 1624 and Oslo is in ruins. Centuries of dedicated residents later, the area is being restored to its former glory. Step off the beaten path and back in time on our Medieval Oslo Walk to hear the story of East Oslo’s rebirth.

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The story about the tour

Looking for an adventure that could bring you off the beaten track, away from the large crowds at the main tourist attractions, and show you colourful, lively neighbourhoods only known by locals? Stop searching! Our Medieval Oslo Walk tour is made for you!

Yes, the medieval town burned down back in 1624, causing the rebuilding of a new city several miles away from Oslo’s original site (ahem… today’s Oslo city centre). But did you know that archaeological evidence from the past can still be seen today, perfectly intertwined with parks, streets and buildings that have no cause to be envious of Oslo’s main tourist attractions?

Beginning with impressive ruins of medieval churches and barracks, our tour will bring you on a journey following the footsteps of the thousands of women and men who helped rebuild what was turned to ashes 400 years ago. Hear the great story of a graveyard known for being the resting place of hundreds of seamen. At the bottom of the beautiful Ekeberg Hill, encounter the 500-year-old hospital that witnessed an epic battle against the imposing Swedish army. Heard that the Vikings are gone? Think again! Norway’s last Viking king and founder of Oslo lives on (in statue form that is) as we recount his tale. At the top of Kampen, learn about the area nicknamed “Oslo’s Petrograd.” In Tøyen, the stories of the artists, craftsmen and workers who returned Eastern Oslo to its former glory will be no secret to you! And last but not least, East Oslo is where a world-famous Norwegian artist found inspiration for one of his most prized works, can you guess which?

So once you’ve said, “been there, done that” to Oslo’s top tourist attractions (yes, we go there too!), see something “new” with us in town! Whether you are interested in history, architecture or modern cultural vibes, one thing is certain: after our Medieval tour, you will be able to brag to your friends by saying: “I know Oslo”.

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