Accessible tours in Scandinavia

As one of the leading tour operators in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, we understand all visitors should have access to exploring these fascinating and captivating cities. There can be some challenges due to the layout of each city, but disabled travellers can rest assured that our guides are familiar with the needs of all guests’ adventures in the beloved capitals of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

How accessible are the cities you cover?

As well as having a rich, historical past, these Scandinavian capitals are very inclusive and welcoming, with most destinations being reachable, convenient and providing appropriate facilities for all guests. Many museums in all destinations consider disabled visitors’ needs and cater for wheelchair access, including ramps and lifts where necessary. The most popular locations provide disabled toilet facilities, and your guide will have knowledge of wheelchair-friendly bathrooms and other amenities.

How can OURWAY Tours accommodate my needs?

We have a variety of accessible tours in Scandinavia – both driving and walking tours. If you choose a driving tour, we’ll pick you up in a location convenient to you in your own wheelchair accessible vehicle. Your guide and driver will transport you to the key sites in your destination, depending on your choice of tour. All our guides understand the needs of our mobility-impaired guests, and we consider the terrain, amenities and accessibility of all destinations and provide the support you require. From the very start, your guide will discuss and understand your needs with you – being flexible should your needs change during the tour.

So, wherever you’re taking our accessible tours in Scandinavia, you’ll learn all the fascinating stories and facts about these beautiful traditional yet modern cities, while being able to relax and enjoy exploring your destination with us. For our full range of accessible private tours, see our list below. If you have any questions or need any further help or support, we’re here to help you plan the best adventure for you in Scandinavia’s exciting capital cities.

Looking at a specific city to take in an accessible tour in Scandinavia? If so see what we can offer you in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

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