Welcome to Nynäshamn!

Cruising into Nynäshamn is an exciting occasion as you’re just beginning your on-land expedition. Whilst your watery approach provides a glistening gateway to Sweden, your arrival in port is the portal to Stockholm – the country’s capital and home to us; OURWAY Tours.

Stockholm is a 45 minute to 1-hour drive from Nynäshamn, and our tours including your own private transport, your very own guide and driver will help you settle in after your sea voyage. And feeling settled, welcomed and encouraged to make yourself at home is a vibe provided by this historic yet modern city.

This significant Scandinavian cultural capital found itself a hub for many trade routes during the Viking era, with its expansion and eventual founding occurring during the 1200s. This hot-spot for foreign commerce meant that Stockholm has always had a diversity of ideas flowing through its streets…and waterways!

With dozens of bridges (57 in fact) helping you traverse the 14 islands that make up Stockholms amazing archipelago terrain, you’ll be excused for thinking you’re in Venice, with many comparisons having been made. Splash, swim, sail or stroll-alongside – you’ll find water is a wonderful element to your stay in Stockholm!

In contrast, the solid cobblestones of the many streets as well as the stunning buildings lining them make fine fodder for history nerds or those who are simply culturally curious. Our beloved home city boasts beautiful royal monuments and buildings as well as institutions that inspire the country and the world. Stockholm being the home to Alfred Nobel whose famous prizes are given at Stockholm’s Concert Hall each year (and we’ll pass there on some of our tours…or we can show you inside the palace, the City Hall, the…well, you get the point; we’re super excited to show you around!)

However you spend your time in the city that has it all, there’s plenty of breathing space in between the popular attractions – quite literally, as this previous winner of the European Green Capital Award has a huge proportion of green spaces including woodland and forest. For a modern city a breath of fresh air…quite literally!

With your driver returning you safely back to Nynäshamn after your guide has waved you away from Stockholm’s centre, you’ll have a smooth ride to reflect and reminisce on time well spent with OURWAY Tours in Stockholm.

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I’m not ready to share my secrets yet, I will be sharing them on my tour! See you there 😉

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I’m not ready to share my secrets yet, I will be sharing them on my tour! See you there 😉

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I’m not ready to share my secrets yet, I will be sharing them on my tour! See you there 😉

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I’m not ready to share my secrets yet, I will be sharing them on my tour! See you there 😉