Boat tours in Scandinavia

If you love being on the water, you’re in the same boat as us! At OURWAY, we can help you dip your toe into our stunning capitals with our boat tours in Scandinavia.

Why choose a boat tour in Scandinavia?

Navigating the water is significant to Scandinavians – after all, you’re in Viking territory! Rest assured, you won’t be asked to pillage the city; in fact, seeing the sights from the water can be a tranquil way to get your bearings, whichever type of boat you prefer to make waves in.

With less walking than other tours, you’ll get to hear stories of the historic city while experiencing the stunning architecture and sounds of the capital as you drift along the waterways. Mainly available as public tours, you’ll join fellow visitors in getting a different perspective than on dry land. At the same time, the picture of the city is painted by our passionate and knowledgeable guides. After you’ve found your flow on the water, your guide will see you safely to dry land where you can start exploring the streets you’ll have heard so much about. Or simply find a beautiful Scandi spot to sit with a coffee and pastry – however you want to shake off your sea legs is up to you!

Choose your vessel!

Depending on your location, there are different boat tours in Scandinavia you can choose from; we have fjord boats ferrying to islands, amphibious buses and canal cruises. Sit back and relax, sharing your vessel with others or be the captain of your own ship with one of our kayak adventures on offer. See below for the different options available across all of our locations.

Looking at a specific city to take a boat tour in Scandinavia?
See what we can offer you in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

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Holiday like the Swedes, spend a day in the Stockholm Archipelago fishing and exploring a quaint coastal town. With our Stockholm Archipelago Fishing & Vaxholm Adventure, we swap buzzing city life for an exhilarating day on the Baltic Sea.

eur 367
per person

Stockholm Archipelago Grinda Island & RIB Boat Adventure

Stockholm 8h 0m 1-11 Multiple languages

Spend a day like a local and enjoy a day in the Stockholm Archipelago, leaving the bustling city behind for a refreshing and thrilling nature experience with our Stockholm Archipelago Grinda Island & RIB Boat Adventure. Are you ready to go?

eur 1047
per person

Maritime Oslo

Oslo 4h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

As a coastline capital, Oslo and maritime go hand in hand. From Vikings to polar explorers, we’ll raid, pillage, and discover the city and the Viking Ship and Fram Museums on our Maritime Oslo Private Walking Tour.

eur 174
per person

Oslo From Coastline to City

Oslo 4h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

It’s easy to journey from Oslo’s coastline to city, being built on the Oslo Fjord. This adventure walks us through the city centre and aboard a sightseeing boat, providing us with stunning views of the city and fjord.

eur 142
per person

Copenhagen from Land to Sea

Copenhagen 4h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Copenhagen is full of sights and delights, including mermaids, castles, and canals. On our Copenhagen From Land to Sea we “sea” them all. Join us on this city centre walking tour combined with a small-group canal cruise.

eur 122
per person

Copenhagen Landmarks

Copenhagen 1h 0m 1 - 12 English

Sit back, relax and take in all that is Copenhagen on our Landmarks Private Canal Cruise. Your friendly Captain and local expert will take you on an adventure, from harbour to canal and back again. Site-see local style!

eur 86
per person