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There are many reasons; here are a few…

OURWAY Tours was created to offer unique, fresh and unforgettable adventures

for all guests visiting some of the greatest cities in Scandinavia. With amazing value, customised solutions and consistently first-class customer service, support and advice, you’re going the right way to a great stay in your city of choice with OURWAY Tours.

Our tours are developed in-house

created with playful enthusiasm for our locations, learning from our own experiences, listening to guests and testing our tours to ensure we deliver a fulfilling, all-around experience to all visitors. You get the popular sites and the city’s under-the-surface stories that deepen the beauty of buildings, paint the personality of the people and bring the full range of colour to the local culture.  

You get a guide that gets you

Your curiosity deserves to be fed by a friendly local who is passionate about the places you’ll visit with them. Just as we listen and understand your needs, we understand which of our in-house pool of guides’ special interests will suit your own.

OURWAY serves your way of travelling

With customised private tours, you get a guide all to yourself, fitting to your schedule with all aspects of the tour personalised for you. Choose your method of transportation and select a tour package whilst tweaking it to include a particular place, museum, venue or restaurant of your preference. Paid for in advance, all details will be confirmed before the booking, and you’ll be assured your interests and needs are being met yet, leaving plenty of space to be surprised by what you’ll find in your chosen destination!

Building bridges whilst not breaking the bank!

Meeting new people is such an enjoyable and important part of the travel experience, and sharing in the discovery of a new place is a great way to connect with others. Our regularly-scheduled public tours welcome different groups of visitors to join, so you can experience the city with fellow solo travellers, couples, friends or family groups. Public tours depart on the same day of the week, at a set time and from the same location during our peak and low season. These well-established, highly regarded and reliable resellers also have the option of paying by card on the spot – so if you’ve found us after you’ve just arrived, jump right in!

We’re here to serve, support, advise and deliver for you

Keeping your best interests at heart, OURWAY Tours can reassure all customers of a hassle-free, personalised experience with excellent, quick and efficient service and delivery. Our friendly and solution-oriented office staff are available to discuss any details of your tour. Our guides are on hand from the meeting point at the beginning of the tour to help do what they can to shape your experience and set expectations. In addition to the information on this site, details of our tours can be accessed from the tourist information centres conveniently placed in the city centre areas. 

We always go the extra mile for our customers

Travel that distance with us and see that we do everything in our power that your preferences are catered for. There are no silly questions, nor too many, and we’re always looking to improve our customer experience and innovate our services.

You’ll love the result!

We work hard to keep our tours fresh, so they remain the key part and marvellous memory-maker for our guests visiting our cities.

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    I like the feeling of knowing that my efforts contribute towards more people experiencing our fantastic city.

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    We have the pleasure of creating memories for and together with our guests. A privilege to say the least!