Guided tours from Nynäshamn

With lots to discover and just a few hours to uncover it all, OURWAY Tours have it all covered with our guided tours from Nynäshamn. We’ll make sure you get there and back safely from Nynäshamn whilst getting the greatest experience from your visit to Stockholm.

Why choose one of our guided tours from Nynäshamn?

Stockholm is well worth the wait to get there from Nynäshamn. Rather than rely on public transport, be assured of bespoke, comfortable conditions as we pick you up in a vehicle suitable for you and the size of your party. Your driver isn’t the only person who will greet you; your own tour guide ensures the trip begins with a friendly face and a fountain of knowledge about Sweden’s incredible capital. Your guide will be with you all the way up until the last moment of your tour in Stockholm before your driver gets your smiling self back to your ship.

What guided tours from Nynäshamn do you offer?

No matter how long you’re held in Stockholm’s welcoming arms, we’re here to introduce you to the city and the stories to hold onto before your bon voyage home. How you get to know your new best-friend-of-an-urban-land-mass is entirely up to you – and with plenty of options to choose from, we’ve got the perfect icebreakers.

Order a large meal of memorable sights with The Grand Stockholm Private Driving Tour. Stockholm’s spectacular City Hall, the luxurious Royal Palace, a trip around The Old Town and a wander around the Museum displaying the unbelievably ornate Vasa Ship are just some of the experiences awaiting you. All of these delightful highlights of your destination sit amongst the landscape of this varied city, luscious with greenery and soothing waters which you’ll pass in between stops.

If you’re a little short on time, you can relax and still soak up the unique ambience of the city with our Stockholm on Wheels Private Driving Tour. We’ll cover the uniquely delightful district of Norrmalm, Östermalm, Södermalm and Djurgården as well as where it all began – the Old Town!

One of our guided tours from Nynäshamn could be just one tour in a more extensive trip, with Oslo and Copenhagen awaiting you. If you’re visiting all three, perhaps it’s best to browse all of our Scandinavian tours in one place.

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Stockholm Highlights - Nynäshamn

Nynäshamn 4h 0m- 8h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Docking at Nynäshamn, wondering how and what to see in Stockholm? Check out our tour Stockholm Highlights Private Driving Tour from Nynäshamn for the city’s most visited sites, the Vasa Museum and City Hall. You won’t be disappointed!

eur 446
per person

Stockholm Must Sees - Nynäshamn

Nynäshamn 5h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Have you heard of the Vasa Museum? Those who have been never forget it. We pick you up at Nynäshamn port and take you to Stockholm in a private van with a private guide. By the end of it, we drop you off in Nynäshamn again.

eur 369
per person

Royal Stockholm - Nynäshamn

Nynäshamn 8h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Want to be taken out for a day of regal riches? Let’s go, your cortege awaits! As we travel from palace to church to ship of war, we promise that the tales of Swedish kings and queens will leave you wanting more.

eur 490
per person

Stockholm on Wheels - Nynäshamn

Nynäshamn 4h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

See it all, Stockholm’s many highlights from the comfort of your private vehicle. From charming Old Town to posh Östermalm, sit back and relax as we zoom through Stockholm on our Stockholm on Wheels Private Driving Tour from Nynäshamn.

eur 308
per person