Bike tours in Scandinavia

Thinking about seeing your chosen Scandinavian city on two wheels? Great! With a choice of public and private bike excursions, at OURWAY Tours we like to help our guests go off the beaten track. With different themes to choose from in our Nordic capitals, you can see the sights from a different perspective on one of our city bike tours.

Why choose a bike tour in Scandinavia?

Your guide will help you navigate some of the key sites in the city. Travelling by bike, you’ll be able to see more – visiting residential as well as commercial areas of the city – while going at a pace that suits your group. You’ll get a fantastic overview of your location and, with the Scandinavian countries having a great infrastructure for cyclists, you’ll get to feel like one of the locals – whichever stunning city you find yourself in!

What cycling experience do I need?

If you can ride, we will guide! Some guests will feel more comfortable on a bicycle than others, but you don’t need to be a frequent cyclist and certainly not a professional. Whichever Scandinavian city you are in, there will be a mix of terrains, including a hill or two, though rest assured we’re not taking you up a mountain or glacier! Your tour will go at a pace that matches the group, and everyone will benefit from the stunning sights and fascinating stories your guide will take you to. Our bike tours in Scandinavia are ideal for adults and young adults. We understand children should be able to enjoy the city too; a private tour can be adjusted to make sure the city is explored while accommodating everyone in your group.

Is cycling in the city safe?

Yes – we’ll make sure you’re comfortable before you set off, whatever your location. Your guide will assist you in choosing the right bike, adjusting it to your needs, ensure you are happy with using the brakes and gears. And of course, we’ll offer you a helmet to wear. Your guide will lead the way, adhering to all local traffic laws and checking to make sure the group stays together – so you won’t get abandoned at a red light. We never leave a guest behind!

Our bike tours in Scandinavia are a fun way to explore your city, excite the imagination and are an excellent way to work off a few calories…so you can fill up in a local cafe afterwards!

Looking at a specific city to take a bike tour in Scandinavia?
See what we can offer you in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

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Djurgården’s Green Treasure

Stockholm 3h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Looking for fresh air? We know where to find Green Treasures! Hop on your bike and follow our bike trail to Djurgården – the green lung of Stockholm. Out on the island the green treasures are many – we will show you plenty!

eur 108
per person

Stockholm's Urban Treasures

Stockholm 3h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Did you know that Stockholm has 760 km bike lane? That’s why one of the best ways to get to know the city is to do an Urban Treasures bike tour! See the islands and hear the tales on our Stockholm bike tour Urban Treasures!

eur 108
per person

Oslo’s Urban Treasures

Oslo 3h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

Looking for the hidden gems and less travelled spots of Oslo? We’ll show you some of our favourites on our tour Oslo’s Urban Treasures by Bike, including ruins, a river and royalty. We’ll even throw in a good view, or two!

eur 61
per person

Complete Copenhagen

Copenhagen 3h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

COPENHAGEN. 3hrs. When in Denmark, do as the Danes… grab a bike and hit the bicycle paths! Diverse neighbourhoods, favourite selfie spots, this is Complete Copenhagen by Bike, where we’ll show you the beautiful Danish capital, local style.

eur 67
per person