Food & drinks in Scandinavia

Were you expecting a Viking feast with ale served in goat horns? Well, the food and drinks in Scandinavia are a little different these days. Luckily, we’re here to drag you out of medieval times and into the flourishing modern flavours of the Nordic capitals.

What will I eat and drink in Scandinavia?

Three cities mean three delightfully different and equally delicious destinations to get the taste buds tantalised.

In Stockholm, you’ll discover the Swedish taste for Fika – a coffee and a little something to eat, usually a pastry or a cake. Fika is a state-of-mind, and one clearly so important that they have a national Cinnamon Bun Day (October 4th in case you were wondering!). It’s not all sweet stuff – and it’s not all about the delicious famous meatballs either…though they are delicious – and you can discover the diversity of flavours in Södermalm. This working-class area is now a treasure trove of vibrant bohemian restaurants, which you can discover with us on our Culinary Södermalm Food Tour.

In Oslo, you’ll find that the Norwegian’s delight in food and drinks is not just restricted to fish and beer. There are many other foods to enjoy…and beer. Yeah, the beer is important and with a rich tradition of brewing in Norway, Oslo’s microbreweries are the places to visit, offering a range of flavours to go with traditional Norwegian food. With the country’s Atlantic coastline it’s easy to see Norwegians love seafood, yet meat, root vegetables and the curious and surprisingly delicious brunost (a sweet brown cheese) provides the perfect compliment. Our tour Oslo’s Craft Beer & Bites will give you a flavour of what’s on offer.

We can’t talk about food and drinks in Scandinavia without mentioning the Danes’ love for a potbelly full of pork! A sight-seeing snack of a classic red pølse – a hot dog served with ketchup, fried onions and gherkins – is a beloved national institution while their dish of Stegtflæsk, being crispy pork with parsley sauce and potatoes, cannot be ignored. Just looking for a small break to seeing the sights? Then the capital of one of the happiest countries in the world offers a multitude of cosy cafes to get a sip of that famous ‘hygge’ and snug vibe the Danes are famous for. If you’ll let us we’ll happily show you with our tour Copenhagen’s Beer, Bites & Blasts from the Past.

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Stockholm Craft Beer Tour

Stockholm 2h 0m 1-12 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

In the mood for a Swedish beer but don’t know where to go and what to have? Let us show you! On our Stockholm Craft Beer Tour, we’ll introduce you to Stockholm’s Old Town including some of our favourite places and brews.

eur 80
per person

Culinary Södermalm Food Tour

Stockholm 4h 0m 1-10 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

STOCKHOLM. 4hrs. International capital means international, flavorsome cousin, how lucky are we! Kitchens & Culture offers a taste of all the talent found on the island of Södermalm. A food tour filled with dumplings, street food and wine.

eur 96
per person

Swedish Cooking Class

Stockholm 2h 30m 1-9 Multiple languages

Is cooking one of your passions in life? Are you visiting Stockholm and want to try a different type of food tour? Take the chance to have your own Swedish Cooking Class with us!

eur 160
per person

Candy Cane Making

Stockholm 1h 0m 1-10 Swedish

STOCKHOLM. 1hrs. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re from, everyone knows what a candy cane is. However, not many people know that the candy cane, the Polkagris, is a Swedish invention. Take the chance to bake some of your own!

eur 70
per person

Oslo Craft Beer & Bites

Oslo 2h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

What is the national beverage of Norway? Trick question? You might think it’s Aqvavit, but it’s actually…beer! Learn about this Norwegian favourite on our Oslo Craft Beers & Bites tour of Grünerløkka – we’ll even add in a bite!

eur 86
per person

Taste of Oslo Food Tour

Oslo 3h 30m 1-12 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

Aqvavit, salmon, brown cheese – can you feel your tastebuds watering? Yes? That’s the idea! On our Taste of Oslo Food Tour, we’ll satiate your tastebuds in search of some Norwegian flavours alongside some city sightseeing.

eur 108
per person

Copenhagen Beer, Bites & Blasts from the Past

Copenhagen 2h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

Do you know which brewery stands behind the phrase; “Probably the best beer in the world”? Yes! No? Our tour Copenhagen Beers, Bites & Blast from Past explores Danish Beer culture and the hip district of Vesterbro. We promise it’s worth it!

eur 77
per person