Our sustainability approach

We aim for corporate transparency, close relationships and minimising our footprint!

People, planet & profit

At OURWAY Tours, we enjoy the responsibility of giving our guests the most remarkable experiences in the destination of their choice. We’re proud to be a highly prominent tour company within the Nordic capitals that we love. We also realise that working in the tourist sector comes with a social responsibility; to be conscious of decreasing inequality, maintaining and appreciating the local culture and heritage, and being aware of the social, environmental and health impacts of operating in our locations.

As Scandinavia is considered a leading region in promoting and integrating positive social and sustainable solutions, it’s important to us that we hold ourselves to the same high standard and that our ethics and desire are reflected in all we do. That’s why we want to reassure you that by spending time with us, you’re choosing a tour operator that keeps considering people, our planet and how we use our profits.



Employee wellbeing

We believe in offering a secure and safe working environment for all of our people in all locations. In our central Stockholm headquarters, all office staff live locally, and we encourage all employees to be responsible citizens to create a safe and pleasant working environment for each other. Our open-door-policy with all staff means our people feel supported all-year-round.

Opportunities for all

Our recruitment process across Scandinavia is done digitally, and we use established local guides to conduct one-to-one training. When hiring, we believe everyone with the passion and skillset to become a tour guide should have the opportunity to prove themselves. We encourage staff to join trade unions, with whom we engage when needed. There are development opportunities, including promotion and increasing responsibility whilst requesting input and engagement in changing and creating new tours.

Training with technology

All training and planning material is available online, including employee contracts. We minimise waste and continuously look to use the smartest and most efficient apps to assist our operations and guides in achieving our goals responsibly and efficiently. We provide information via cross-company briefing video calls when required.

Work Routines

Our guides appreciate working for us because we appreciate them – in their work and the energy they put into creating incredible experiences for guests. That’s why we always ensure an appropriate amount of tours/hours are worked in any one day. We frequently assess the workload and wellbeing of all office staff and openly request feedback regularly to ensure we maintain the happiness of all employees.

Customer Relationships

We believe in creating positive relationships with customers – guests, partners, resellers and staff. Working with those that believe in the same sense of longevity, flexibility and consideration for the locations they operate in make us feel secure that our business leaves as little trace as possible and that our guests can be reassured of our commitment to fairness and sustainability.



Impact assessment

We’re committed to regularly reviewing the environmental and economic impact we have on our destinations whilst assessing our socio-cultural implications as a business. By doing so, we understand how we play our part and set the highest standards for the tourism industry as a whole.

Celebrating sustainability

We offer tours in all locations, promoting the sustainable and ethical choices of local businesses and public bodies, encouraging guests to consider the use of resources within the Scandinavian capitals, regarded as a benchmark for sustainability in modern cities.

Local focus

Promoting independent businesses above multinational corporations within our visited neighbourhoods fosters a community-based mindset. We encourage our guests to engage with independent cafes and restaurants and highlight retail and hospitality establishments in areas that may not benefit from the highest footfall due to rental costs and corporate ownership. This leads to greater sustainable conditions and practices within the local social economy.

Counteracting ‘overtourism’

Creating sustainable tours includes encouraging and celebrating visiting lesser-known culturally significant areas with traditionally modest footfall. This approach considers the implications of ‘overtourism’ in already highly populated areas whilst promoting the wider use of public spaces and city businesses.

Methods of travel

Our most popular tours are on foot and designed, so public transport is rarely used to get to locations away from the city centres – when it is used, electric is the preferred choice. Electric bikes, segways and kayak tours offer transport methods that limit environmental impact and encourage zero-emission travel within our locations. We use drivers and vehicle suppliers that are climate-smart – electric or hybrid vehicles whenever possible.

Thinking digitally

Our virtual tours also enable visitors to take a tour from their home locations whilst reducing the impact on the destination. 99% of our business is done online by all who work for and with us. All marketing and customer purchases are made online or in-person with our guides equipped to cater for ‘walk-in’ customers.


In our Stockholm office, we have bins set up for all paper, plastic and food waste recycling, using recycled paper and other products, where possible. We have stopped printing brochures.




We review the salary and benefits of our employees on an annual basis to ensure staff directly benefit from our success as a company; this leads to better employee wellbeing and more finances available for the local economies of our destinations.

Embracing innovation

By regularly reviewing the latest technological trends, we can invest in more efficient systems and applications to reduce waste and focus on our responsibilities to our people and the impact of our operations. For instance, our virtual tours allow guests to take a tour from their home location anywhere in the world – a reduced carbon footprint. Yet, their money will be reinvested within our destinations’ local economies.


We see taxation as a responsibility, not a burden. Our business is interdependent on the countries and destinations to remain profitable, responsible and ambassadors for sustainable tourism. The public infrastructure and institutions rely on our tax contributions to provide the best working conditions for our guides and the best experiences for our guests and partners.

Trusted clients and partners

Local operators are prioritised over cheaper overseas profiteers. This increases the likelihood of a positive socio-economic impact in our cities. By investing in each destination’s localised business community, we nurture a culture of cooperation between our guides and partners within the local tourism sector.