Our story

We bring love and enthusiasm to the places we call home!

What we do and why we do it

Being a family-run business, we understand the importance of relationships. From the beginning, we’ve wanted our customers and staff to be a part of the OURWAY family – to feel at home at all times, wherever they find themselves!

When we began building our tours in 2011, we asked ourselves, ‘what do we love about the travel experiences that help us really feel at home?’

The answers came quickly; people, places, culture, customs, sights, sounds, food and fine beer…and then we realised something. The most obvious answer was in our own question…


At OURWAY Tours, we offer all visitors an exceptional experience, those moments that can ‘make’ a person’s vacation. And why stop with Stockholm? With Oslo and Copenhagen our closest capital companions on the Scandinavian travel scene, we’ve always been dedicated to delivering an exciting and fresh all-around adventure, offering great value to create those golden moments for all our guests.

Our office staff and guides are like-minded in our philosophy of bringing their love and enthusiasm to the place they call home. All guests get an enthusiastic local who knows the terrain, the fun facts and the amusing anecdotes; stories that shape the city so that people get to fully appreciate their destination. 

We understand the world is changing fast, and there will always be the need to explore.

Our vision

With Scandinavia being a beacon of creativity and positive lifestyles, yet with a deeply enthralling past, it deserves to be discovered. So our vision is to be the most prominent tour operator in the Baltic Seas – giving the best solution with extraordinary value through our people and passion for travel.

Our mission

Whilst feeling good about what we offer, we understand our responsibility to the cities and people we serve. This is why our mission is to provide personalised, sustainable travel services based first and foremost on the travel needs of the client. With special attention to detail, value for cost, and professional courtesy, we vow to live up to the standard that has seen all of our cities winning the European Green Capital award since 2010.

Get in touch with us and join the OURWAY Tours family so we can help you feel at home in your destination in the best way we know – by giving you the grand tour! 

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    The office

    Natalie O


    We have the pleasure of creating memories for and together with our guests. A privilege to say the least!

    Elin O

    Customer Service

    I’m not ready to share my secrets yet, I will be sharing them on my tour! See you there 😉

    Christopher O


    I like the feeling of knowing that my efforts contribute towards more people experiencing our fantastic city.