Christmas tours in Copenhagen

The Danes are waiting to welcome you to their beloved city at their favourite time of year – and so are we at OURWAY Tours with our Christmas tours in Copenhagen.

Why choose a Christmas tour in Copenhagen?

We all love a good story, and like the iconic Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, we want to tell you a story that you’ll always remember. As well as learning about this cultural and literary hero, along with your guide, on our Christmas tours in Copenhagen you’ll be unwrapping the heart-warming spirit that Denmark’s capital is famous for. The seasonal streets of our historic city will have you buzzing with excitement as if Santa brought you that gift you’ve always wanted. The air is bursting with festive fragrances to make the mouth water, and we wouldn’t dream of teasing you. Have a taste of some Æbleskiver – round pancake puffs with strawberry jam and powdered sugar – to delight the taste buds and digest along with all you’ll learn about Denmark’s festive traditions.

We all know what a Christmas elf looks like. Right? RIGHT? Well, what about the nisser; the Christmas elves from danish folklore? In this land of great fairytales, you’ll perhaps be surprised at just how much the story of a Copenhagen Christmas differs from your festivities back home – from the many ways we celebrate this time of year to the gifts traditionally exchanged and our rituals around giving them.

You may have heard the word ‘hygge’ which hails from Denmark, and loosely means ‘cosy’ or ‘cosiness’. Although the cobblestones may have seen warmer times, this is the perfect time of year to get ‘hygge’ with loved ones…or even huddle together with a few strangers!

We offer public tours so you can join fellow visitors in our winter wonderland of a city, or you can have a private tour with just your family or group. Whatever package you’d like, wrap yourself up as you would a precious gift – we are in the Nordics and plenty of warm layers helps maximise the cosiness!

We offer Christmas tours in Copenhagen as well as in our other locations, Stockholm and Oslo. You can also view our full list of all Christmas tours in Scandinavia.

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Copenhagen's Christmas Spirit

Copenhagen 1h 30m 1-30 English

Small group tour & private tour options available

COPENHAGEN. 1.5hrs. Experience the Danes’ favourite season and how the city is transformed into a Christmas wonderland as cosy Christmas markets and holiday decorations take over the city. Copenhagen’s Christmas Spirit is in the air!

eur 39
per person