Guided tours in Oslo

The Viking age may be over, but raiding the streets and city of its mysteries and secrets is welcomed – and with OURWAY Tours, on our guided tours in Oslo, we’re here to help you pillage and probe the cultural bounty this Fjord Capital holds.

Why choose a guided tour in Oslo?

Whether you’re alone or with loved ones, arriving in Oslo, you’ll notice the inland ocean surrounded by forested hills. In the centre of civilian life, you’ll find that every corner offers curiosity for your explorative appetite. With so much to consider, we’re here to tell you the tales of triumph, turbulence and the trek toward independence in the capital that has shaped this geographic and emotional landscape of this city founded by the last Viking King. On our guided tours in Oslo, spending time with us – your trusty escorts, navigators and storytellers through the Fjord City – you’ll not only find your feet, but you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the shoes of those who shaped Norway.

What guided tours do you offer?

The tales of Oslo are a rich array of puzzle pieces that will help you to see the big picture before you leave. Our guides are excited to put those story segments together for you – but it’s your time to play, and we’ve got plenty of ways for the fun to unfold.

Turn that first page of your adventure with us on our Oslo City Walk where we guide you through the momentous landmarks with stories of the significant shifts in Norway’s history. The Royal Palace, Parliament and the city’s protective Akershus Fortress are just a few of the fine features of Oslo.

If you’ve just stepped off the ship or are understandably fascinated by the fjord, you might be interested in discovering who else sailed in Norwegian waters – or indeed who sailed from this land to discover new ones. If so, the Viking Ship Museum – home to the best-preserved Viking ship in the world! – makes up part of our Oslo Highlights Private Walking Tour (it also includes the City Walk and a trip to Gustav Vigeland’s iconic sculpture park).

You’ll find everything from Oslo walking tours to food tours and activities. Are tours on a nature theme or astonishing art you’re thing? Or perhaps exciting bike tours or museum tours is the way you want to spend your time in Oslo? Join fellow culture-seeking comrades on our public tours or take a private tour more tailored to you and your group so we can guide you in the way that’s great for you!

Guided tours in Oslo can be just part of the pleasing picture of Scandinavia with excursions available in Stockholm and Copenhagen, with scores of tours available across the full landscape of our Scandinavian capitals.

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Guided tours in Oslo
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The Grand Oslo

Oslo 5h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Want to see all that Oslo has to offer? Look no further! The Grand Oslo Private Driving Tour gives you the Fram Museum, Vigeland Park, a photo stop at Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and a city drive, all in one tour. What more could you want?

eur 460
per person

Artistic Oslo: A Gallery of Public Art

Oslo 2h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Did you know that Oslo is decorated with art? Why? Our Artistic Oslo: A Gallery of Public Art uncovers Norway’s unique art history while strolling through the city centre of Oslo. Together we’ll discover why and what is on display.

eur 107
per person

Hipstoric Grünerløkka

Oslo 3h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Been there, done that in Oslo’s city centre? Explore Grünerløkka, the hip side of Oslo, first industrial, then home to artists and beer brewers. From playwrights to pints, this is our Hipstoric Grünerløkka Private Walking Tour!

eur 107
per person

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