Boat tours in Oslo

You’re in Viking territory! However, on our boat tours in Oslo, there’s less pillaging and more sightseeing as we help you discover Norway’s stunning fjord capital.

Why choose a boat tour in Oslo?

Even though on a map Oslo doesn’t look like it’s near the coast, the fifty miles of inland ocean that stretches south to the North Sea means you get a beautiful salt-water city surrounded by forested hills. The bright blue and vivid green land-and-seascape provide great views from the water as you make waves in your destination with our boat tours in Oslo.

Being in a boat, there is less walking than an inland city tour, yet you get to see the capital from a different perspective. For the last few decades, Oslo waters have gone from a bustling ship-yard to a pleasant area of beauty, with the intent for Oslo citizens and curious guests (that’s you!) to be able to enjoy these beautiful waters. As warehouses and factories have been reinvigorated with stunning makeovers with new architecture popping up – even being built out onto the fjord itself – this is truly a city with the water at its heart. There are also a few spots to take a dip yourself if you want to join the locals in making the most of this big, blue city!

You’ll be dropped off safe and sound to rediscover your land-legs by the water, as from the stunning Opera House, past the imposing Akershus Fortress all the way to the sloping-roofed Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo’s waterfront is accessible to all. Join fellow sea-faring guests in exploring our waters, while your guide helps you discover the tales from the deep history of Norway’s beloved capital.

What do you cover on a boat tour in Oslo?

Public and private excursions are available, whether you like Island-Hopping in the Oslo Fjord to explore the green forested spots on Hovedøya, Lindøya, and Gressholmen. Or grab a paddle and join us for a Kayak Tour. If you’d like a short spell on the water along with a rich dip into Norway’s fascinating history of sea exploration, with our Maritime Oslo Private Walking Tour, we get on the boat to Bygdøy where we explore the Viking Ship Museum. Home to the best-preserved Norse ship in the world and found along the Oslo Fjord over 100 years ago. The discovery of the Vikings ships was the same time era that the polar ship Fram was writing history – go aboard the now-housed historic vessel and discover the fascinating stories that helped to shape Norway’s revival in the 1900s.

Our boat tours in Oslo can complement the trips you take in Stockholm and Copenhagen. For more view the full list of all tours by boat that we offer in Scandinavia.

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Maritime Oslo

Oslo 4h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

As a coastline capital, Oslo and maritime go hand in hand. From polar adventurers to Pacific Ocean explorers, we’ll discover Oslo city and the Kontiki and Fram Museum on our Maritime Oslo Private Walking Tour. Let our Oslo expedition begin!

eur 231
per person

Oslo From Coastline to City

Oslo 5h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

This adventure walks us through Oslo city centre and aboard a sightseeing boat for a cruise of the Oslo fjord. Enjoy the stunning view of the Norwegian capital and its shore on our Oslo from Coastline to City Private Walking Tour.

eur 281
per person