Driving tours in Oslo

Stunning fjord? CHECK! Gorgeous greenery surrounding the city? CHECK! Viking history, famous cultural hotspots and contemporary cool urban vibes ready to soak up? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! We’re pleased to tell you there’s a lot to get through in Oslo, and while we’re proud of our popular walking and bike tours, with so much to see, our driving tours in Oslo might just be the best way to cover what will become familiar ground.

Why choose a driving tour in Oslo?

With the opportunity to wander at particular points of interest, your own fabulous OURWAY guide, driver and trusty bus, car or minibus will help you beat the crowds and get you to the beating heart of Oslo – however much time you have in the city. Being private tours, becoming our passenger means having a personal experience; from getting us (your own guide) and separate driver at your service to collecting and returning you to wherever you are staying within the inner-city of Oslo.

What do I experience on tour with OURWAY Tours?

That is up to you. Though navigation is essential in these waters of Viking and Polar exploration and discovery, we’ve got the perfect choice of dry-land driving tours in Oslo to choose from.

The Grand Oslo Private Driving Tour is as outstanding as it sounds. You’ll discover precious pagan finds at the Viking Ship Museum, including the best-preserved ship in the world from the era. You’ll see a terrific view far down the fjord as the city stretches out to the sea before your eyes from Holmenkollen, our world-famous ski jump overlooking the city. We also visit an exceptional park available in our other tours…

…and that is Vigeland’s Park – the biggest park of sculptures designed by one person. The genius who was Gustav Vigeland! Also part of our Oslo Highlights Private Driving Tour, this is the chance to stretch those legs after some hard-earned sightseeing at the key cultural hotspots in the city. And of course, the Viking Ships make up part of this trip too.

Booking a driving tour also means you can add on the thing that interests you, perhaps a visit to the Norwegian Folk Museum to learn about the country’s culture and traditions through the ages is for you. Or maybe a voyage of more epic proportions? Then see the Fram Polar Ship – the vessel that took the first-ever South Pole expedition to its historic achievement.

With so many options, we trust our driving tours in Oslo will drive your desire to see more. So why not take a similar tour in the very different cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen? See our full list of tours carrying you to the culture of our Scandinavian capitals.

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Oslo & Vigeland Park

Oslo 3h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

Do you want the best of Oslo in just the right amount of time? Let us introduce you to our Oslo & Vigeland Park Private Walking Tour. We promise landmarks, sculptures, culture, customs, history and more!

eur 106
per person

Maritime Oslo

Oslo 4h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

As a coastline capital, Oslo and maritime go hand in hand. From Vikings to polar explorers, we’ll raid, pillage, and discover the city and the Viking Ship and Fram Museums on our Maritime Oslo Private Walking Tour.

eur 174
per person

Oslo & City Hall

Oslo 3h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

City sightseeing and a hidden gem, what more do you need? On our Oslo & City Hall Private Walking Tour, we’ll experience just that. Entertaining stories, photo stops and the gem herself, the Oslo City Hall, it’s all here!

eur 83
per person

Oslo & Fram Museum

Oslo 3h 0m- 4h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

Did you know Oslo is the 3rd most northern capital in world? Is this where the fascination with the polar regions comes from? Join us on our Oslo & Fram Museum Private Walking Tour to discover Oslo and it’s polar history.

eur 138
per person

Oslo From Coastline to City

Oslo 4h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

It’s easy to journey from Oslo’s coastline to city, being built on the Oslo Fjord. This adventure walks us through the city centre and aboard a sightseeing boat, providing us with stunning views of the city and fjord.

eur 142
per person

Oslo Highlights

Oslo 3h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

Oslo Opera, Royal Palace, Viking Ship Museum, and Vigeland Park – what are Oslo’s Highlights? According to us, all of these! And it just so happens that our Oslo Highlights Private Walking Tour covers it all, from A to Z.

eur 114
per person

Oslo On Wheels

Oslo 2h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

Beep, beep! Your private vehicle is here to show you Oslo on Wheels. From the comfort of your vehicle enjoy a scenic drive of Oslo. The city center, astonishing parks, unique museums and photo stops are waiting… are you ready?

eur 163
per person

Royal Oslo

Oslo 3h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

Indulge yourself in a day of regal bliss at Oslo’s many royal sites! Don your nicest frock and walk in the footsteps of Norwegian royalty at Akershus Fortress, Oslo Cathedral and the Royal Palace. You’re in for a treat!

eur 103
per person

The Grand Oslo

Oslo 5h 0m 1 - 35 Multiple languages

Want to see all that Oslo has to offer? Look no further! The Grand Oslo gives you the Viking Ship Museum, Vigeland Park, a photo stop at Holmenkollen Ski Jump and a drive of the city, all in one tour. What more could you want?

eur 310
per person