Bike tours in Stockholm

Get off the beaten track and see Stockholm on two wheels! We’ve plenty of different options and themes with our bike tours in Stockholm so you can see the Swedish capital from another perspective.

Why choose a bike tour in Stockholm?

Your guide will help you navigate around some key sites in the city. You’ll see more by bike than you will by walking, visiting a mix of commercial and residential areas at a pace suitable for you and your group. Stockholm is a great city for cyclists, so you’ll not only get an excellent overview of our stunning capital, but you’ll also experience it like one of the locals.

What cycling experience do I need?

If you’re ready to ride, we’re ready to guide! You don’t need to be a Tour de France winner…or a runner-up for that matter, and we understand some guests are more comfortable on a bike than others. Stockholm has a mix of terrains, a hill or two included, though be assured this is no endurance race! The pace of the group will be set by your guide who will ensure all guests benefit by seeing the fascinating sights and hearing the stunning stories on your excursion. Our bike tours in Stockholm are perfect for adults, and if you have young adults and children with you, it’s important they get to enjoy the city too. A private tour is more accommodating in this case so every person, whatever their age and ability, can enjoy the city at the perfect pace.

Is cycling in Stockholm safe?

Absolutely, we’ve been doing this for many years and will ensure you feel comfortable with your bike before we set off. Your guide is there to help you; choosing your bike, adjusting it to your needs, testing the brakes and offering you a helmet that fits you perfectly. We’ll lead the way, obeying all traffic laws, so if you get stuck at a red light, your guide and group will wait for you. We never leave a guest behind!

Our bike tours in Stockholm allow you to explore the capital in a fun way, exciting the imagination and working up your appetite so you can treat yourself to a much-deserved cafe treat afterwards!

The adventure doesn’t end with bike tours in Stockholm. See what we offer you in Oslo and Copenhagen or view our full list of Scandinavian city bike tours.

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Stockholm’s Amazing Architecture

Stockholm 3h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

On our private walking tour of Stockholm’s Amazing Architecture, dive into the city’s rich architectural history and explore the city’s many styles. We give you classical, modern and futuristic tastefully pieced together!

eur 166
per person

Stockholm's Urban Treasures

Stockholm 3h 0m 1 - 8 Multiple languages

Want to feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you discover Stockholm’s many islands? Jump on your bike and follow us on our Stockholm’s Urban Treasures Private Bike Tour to explore local Stockholm.

eur 205
per person

Djurgården's Green Treasures

Stockholm 2h 0m- 3h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Heard that Royal Djurgården is a must? It is! From hunting grounds to a theme park to a recreational area, we promise there’s more than meets the eye. Discover the island on our Djurgården’s Green Treasures Private Walking Tour.

eur 144
per person