Solo traveller

Sometimes you just can’t beat your own company! Travelling solo has so many benefits; your own schedule, doing whatever excites you whenever you want…and eating as many Danish pastries with nobody around to judge you! Yet to get a real taste of local life on your travels, let OURWAY Tours be your guide!

In our experience, there is no one reason people choose to travel alone. Every now and then people need time away from the stresses of work and homelife; taking a short break, being free to choose what you do and when, can be the perfect way to reset, recharge and expand your horizons as you dive deeply into a different culture.

Our tours are very popular with those studying abroad in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or other European countries. Whilst your studies prepare you for a new adventure in the world, uncovering the culture in one of our Nordic capitals can complement your broadening mind whilst giving you a much-deserved break from studying those books and hopping between lectures. Perhaps your family wants to pay you a visit during your time away? A tour can be a great way to spend that quality time together and show them the sights of your home away from home.

We’ve encountered solo travellers on a much bigger journey too, with Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen just some of the multitude of cities and countries they’re visiting on a worldwide or European adventure. A tour with us can give you a superb city overview as part of a group whilst giving you plenty of ideas to ponder beyond the tour. With so many new ideas and insights from us, how will you spend the rest of your time here?

We understand that travelling solo isn’t about always being alone. Encountering new people is an important part of the experiences, and every now and again you’ll want some company. Meeting a local guide and fellow enthusiastic visitors on our fun and playful city explorations can scratch that social itch, with many guests having found new friends or travel companions during our public tours.

Travelling alone is never lonely when you encounter hugely rewarding, inspiring, nourishing and fulfilling experiences. We at OURWAY Tours are here to welcome you to our gorgeous cities so you can get the most from your solo sojourn.

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Copenhagen Beer, Bites & Blasts from the Past

Copenhagen 2h 0m 1-12 Multiple languages

From prostitutes and butchers to trendy bars and cool shops, welcome to Vesterbro! On our Copenhagen Beers, Bites & Blast from Past Private Walking Tour, we explore Danish Beer Culture, traditional Smørrebrød and more!

eur 124
per person

Complete Copenhagen

Copenhagen 3h 0m 1-8 Multiple languages

What do you think of when you think of Denmark? Perhaps the Little Mermaid, colourful houses of Nyhavn and bikes? On this Complete Copenhagen Private Bike Tour, we see the main sites, peddling down the streets local style!

eur 111
per person

Copenhagen Landmarks Canal Cruise

Copenhagen 1h 0m 1-12 English

Sit back, relax and take in all that is Copenhagen on our Landmarks Private Canal Cruise. Your friendly Captain and local expert will take you on an adventure, from harbour to canal and back again. Site-see local style!

eur 86
per person

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