Sightseeing in Scandinavia

Join us in the cities of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. Sightseeing in Scandinavia with OURWAY Tours is the ideal way to investigate and discover your destination.

Why choose our sightseeing tours in Scandinavia?

As our name suggests, we do things our way; understanding from experience what makes the best sightseeing experience for you. Walking the city streets, exploring the sights, sound and culture of your chosen Scandinavian capital not only helps you get your bearings but leaves you with a sense of genuinely experiencing your destination with memories made for yourself and stories to share back home.

Our public tours are a great way to join a group of other visitors and explore the city with one of our friendly guides, committed to showing you the crucial sights of Copenhagen, the significant stories of Stockholm and the oh-wow-I-didn’t-know-thats of Oslo. We have all the major central sites and off the beaten track stops covered.

Great? What next?

Once you book one of our tours, we’ll give you a location to meet your guide and the rest of your group. We’re always easy to find there at least ten minutes before your departure. Your guide will help you weave your way through the city with threads of stories at important sites, monuments and buildings to create a beautiful tapestry, leaving you with a pretty picture of your chosen destination.

If you choose a tour, including parks and museums a little further away from the beaten track, your guide will have the public transport sorted. Let us guide you, it’s what we do best!

Want one of the guides all to yourself or for your own group? View our private tours for more information.

Make the best of sightseeing in Scandinavia with OURWAY Tours, whether you’re heading to Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen.

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Oslo City

Oslo 2h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Oslo’s modern city centre was designed to be discovered on foot. Join us for an Oslo City Private Walking Tour and see for yourself! We’ll check out the best of the city centre, digging into Norwegian culture along the way.

eur 107
per person

Oslo & Vigeland Park

Oslo 3h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Do you want the best of Oslo in just the right amount of time? Let us introduce you to our Oslo & Vigeland Park Private Walking Tour. We promise landmarks, sculptures, culture, customs, history and more!

eur 131
per person

Oslo’s Urban Treasures

Oslo 3h 0m 1 - 8 Multiple languages

Local hangouts, trendy neighbourhoods, hidden treasures – discover a different side of Oslo on our Oslo’s Urban Treasures Private Bike Tour. With architectural gems, medieval ruins, and waterside rides, the photo ops are plenty!

eur 137
per person

Oslo From Coastline to City

Oslo 5h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

This adventure walks us through Oslo city centre and aboard a sightseeing boat for a cruise of the Oslo fjord. Enjoy the stunning view of the Norwegian capital and its shore on our Oslo from Coastline to City Private Walking Tour.

eur 281
per person

Oslo Highlights

Oslo 4h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Oslo Opera, Royal Palace, Fram Museum, and Vigeland Park – what are Oslo’s Highlights, you ask? According to us, all of these! And it just so happens that our Oslo Highlights Private Walking Tour covers them all and more, from A to Z.

eur 196
per person

The Grand Oslo

Oslo 5h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Want to see all that Oslo has to offer? Look no further! The Grand Oslo Private Driving Tour gives you the Fram Museum, Vigeland Park, a photo stop at Holmenkollen Ski Jump, and a city drive, all in one tour. What more could you want?

eur 460
per person

Copenhagen from Land to Sea

Copenhagen 4h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Copenhagen is full of sights and delights, including mermaids, castles, and canals. On our Copenhagen From Land to Sea, we “sea” them all. Join us on this Copenhagen city centre walking tour combined with a small-group canal cruise.

eur 200
per person

Djurgården's Green Treasures

Stockholm 2h 0m- 3h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Heard that Royal Djurgården is a must? It is! From hunting grounds to a theme park to a recreational area, we promise there’s more than meets the eye. Discover the island on our Djurgården’s Green Treasures Private Walking Tour.

eur 144
per person

Complete Copenhagen

Copenhagen 3h 0m 1 - 8 Multiple languages

What do you think of when you think of Denmark? Perhaps the Little Mermaid, colourful houses of Nyhavn and bikes? On our Complete Copenhagen Private Bike Tour, we see the main sites, pedalling down the streets, local style!

eur 126
per person

Copenhagen & Christiansborg Palace

Copenhagen 3h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Royal tapestries, charming squares, places of power – this is our Copenhagen & Christiansborg Palace Private Walking Tour. A tour where we give you a taste of the old, a look at the new and a bit of fun along the way.

eur 130
per person

Copenhagen Landmarks

Copenhagen 1h 0m 1 - 11 English

Sit back, relax and take in all that is Copenhagen on our Landmarks Private Canal Cruise. Your friendly Captain and local expert will take you on an adventure, from harbour to canal and back again. Site-see local style!

eur 98
per person

Copenhagen City

Copenhagen 2h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Where do you find the Danes if not on their bikes? The harbourfront, of course! On our Copenhagen City Private Walking Tour, we combine iconic waterfront sites with blasts from the past. Be sure to bring your camera!

eur 109
per person

Hipstoric Grünerløkka

Oslo 3h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

Been there, done that in Oslo’s city centre? Explore Grünerløkka, the hip side of Oslo, first industrial, then home to artists and beer brewers. From playwrights to pints, this is our Hipstoric Grünerløkka Private Walking Tour!

eur 107
per person

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