Multicultural Nørrebro

Are you looking for a local experience? We can help! Our tour Multicultural Nørrebro Private Walking Tour we take you off the beaten path to one of Copenhagen’s most popular districts. Hip shops, cool bars and diversity await!

The story about the tour

Close your eyes and see before you, enchanting local hot spots in the form of quirky cafés, relaxed restaurants in the plenty and cool independent shops. From nowhere, an adult size playground appears. It seems to be located not far from a beautiful graveyard. As you open your eyes, you find yourself in the middle of one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant residential areas on our Multicultural Nørrebro Private Walking Tour

Creativity, diversity and must-see are all words that describe this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood. How did it come to be? What was once the home of the working-class, shifted to a community popular amongst migrants and today it is one of the most popular districts of Copenhagen. The gentrification of the area is palpable, and perhaps also the reason why it’s been awarded the hippest neighbourhood in Copenhagen?! 

Of all the ‘bro’s (neighbourhoods ending with bro) in Copenhagen, this one has a special place in our heart. We’ll admit it can be hard to navigate the endless streets and sites of Nørrebro if you’re not familiar with the area. Don’t worry, we got you! Our walk includes hip streets like Jægersborggade and Blågårdsgade, Assistens Cemetery and Superkilen to mention but a few sites.

Our Multicultural Nørrebro Private Walking Tour is for looking for an off the beaten track experience, who have already seen the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn and Strøget (or don’t care too). Thanks to its history and the people that now call it home, the area has so much to offer – and we can’t wait to show you. Are you coming?!

Tour includes: Private Guide

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    Where to meet

    Please be at the departure point, Nørrebrohallen, in front of the building on the Red Square of Superkilen – located in Nørrebro, 10 minutes early to check-in for your tour.

    Look for our guide holding the OURWAY logo as a sign. If you have trouble locating the guide or the meeting point, please give us a call a few minutes before the start of the tour. When you call before the tour begins, we have a greater chance of helping you find your way. 

Denmark is a country with four seasons. Please dress accordingly. 

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    head quarter: +46 8 410 773 30