Stockholm Old Town Walk

Step back in time to medieval Stockholm. Journey along cobblestone streets to see, hear and taste history on our Stockholm Old Town Walk. What are you waiting for? Come let the city’s living history unfold around you!

Tour highlights
  • Stortorget, The main square
  • Stockholm Royal Palace
  • Stockholm’s narrowest alley
  • The Island of Nobility
  • Stockholm City Hall

The story about the tour

Dare to time travel to an age when lords and ladies rode their horses through the narrow, cobbled streets, shopkeepers shouted out the daily deals from their doorways and animals hopped from rooftop to rooftop (well, only in the beginning perhaps!). Entering into the Old Town is like stepping back in time and having the city’s living history unfold around you.

In our very personal opinion, the Old Town of Stockholm is the ideal place to start your visit to this beautiful capital, especially if you want to get to know the Swedes (we’re not only Vikings you know!) and a bit about the city’s long, fascinating history. If you’re looking for a short and sweet introduction to the historical centre of Stockholm, this tour is the perfect walking tour for you.

We begin at the exceptionally photogenic main square, Stortorget, in the heart of the Old Town (trust us, get your cameras ready!). At the Royal Palace, we will give you insight into how a gym owner and a reality tv-star became real-life royalty. While sampling a piece of a traditional candy cane, you will experience the result of the Swedes’ creative innovation skills. A quick look at the statue of Saint George and the Dragon, followed by the narrowest alley in Stockholm and a walk between old noble palaces, you’re now an expert of Stockholm’s Old Town.

We end our walking tour of the Old Town on the island of Riddarholmen (“The Island of Nobility”), known for stunning views of the lakeside of Stockholm and the oldest building in town, proudly watching over the island for centuries. Now your Stockholm Old Town Walk is complete – what a treat!

Please note: The majority of this tour takes place in areas where you will have to walk on cobblestones. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

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    • Prebooking:Required
    • Length: 1h 30m
    • Distance: 1.8 km
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    • Cancellation policy: 24 hours
    • Public tour prices:
      • Adult 27 eur
      • Child 13 eur
      • Infant 0 eur
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    The day of the tour

    The day of the tour

    Where to meet

    Please be at the departure point, Stortorget, outside the Nobel Museum – located in the Old Town, 10 minutes early to check-in for your tour.

    How to find the guide
    Look for our guide dressed in blue or white with the logo OURWAY. The logo can also be held as a sign.

    Out of respect for your fellow travellers, we kindly ask that you have looked up the meeting point before the start of the tour and that you arrive on time. If you have trouble locating the guide or the meeting point, please give us a call a few minutes before the start of the tour. When you call before the tour begins, we have a greater chance of helping you find your way.

    How to get there
    Bus: 2, 53, 55, 57, 76, Hop-On Hop-Off (Stop: Slottsbacken)
    Subway: Gamla stan
    Boat: Hop On-Hop Off, Djurgårdsfärjan (Stop: Slussen)

    Please note
    The majority of this tour takes place in areas where you will have to walk on cobblestones. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

    Sweden is a country with four seasons. Please dress accordingly.

    In case you need to reach us

    head quarter: +46 8 410 773 30