Sustainable Oslo

Are you one to think and act green? Perhaps you’re wondering how it’s done in Oslo? On our Sustainable Oslo Private Walking Tour, we still your curiosity with the many reasons why Oslo was recently given the Green Capital Award.

The story about the tour

From lush hilltops to biogas produced from bio-waste, Oslo is one green city! In fact, Oslo is so green it was awarded the Green Capital Award in 2019. On our Sustainable Oslo Private Walking Tour, we’ll have a closer look at the many reasons why and explore topics like electric vehicles, the restoration of Oslo’s rivers and waterways and how the citizens of the Norwegian capital are included in the planning process of it all. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get going!

With the mindset that sustainability goes hand in hand with a better quality of life, it’s no surprise that the city of Oslo has set ambitious goals for the future, including being carbon neutral by 2025 and car-free by 2050. Already more than half all public transport journeys in Oslo are powered by renewable energy, and the reduction of cars will mean even more open urban spaces and green areas to enjoy the outdoors in. Fresh air for everyone! 

From green spaces to places, have you heard of the urban farming project, Losæter, by Future Farmers? If you were looking for a city where you can pick your own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers right next to future landmarks, you’ve found it! The Munch Museum, the new Deichman library and the new National Museum are all located in the Bjørvika area and built with the environment in mind. 

Join us on our Sustainable Oslo Private Walking Tour and get into the green scene of Oslo!

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