Vulgar Viking Venture

STOCKHOLM. 1,5hrs. Want to meet a Viking and conquer Stockholm’s Old Town. This is your chance! Our Viking tour covers all you need to know about the Swedes and their history, from the pillaging Vikings to the super entrepreneur of IKEA.

The story about the tour

“Excellent and entertaining walking tour. They add so many interesting amusing tidbits about their history that it takes the boring out of history.”, Linda H, TripAdvisor-user.

Are you ready to raid, pillage and plunder your way through the Old Town of Stockholm, seeing all the main sights of the oldest part of the city? If you are looking for a fun and unique walking tour in Stockholm, then a Viking-themed walking tour of the Old Town may be the tour for you! 

Vulgar Viking Venture Private Walking Tour covers all you need to know about Sweden, from the mead-drinking Vikings to the super entrepreneur of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad. Set amongst the picturesque surroundings of the Old Town, you will learn more about the Berserkers and their mushroom eating habits, as well as the modern Swedes and their fun frog-hopping dance during midsummer. Not to be left out are Stortorget, the main square, the Royal Palace, the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden (huzzah!), and the most narrow alley in Stockholm.

Allow our Viking (dressed to the T and one of the last to be found in these parts) to show you the famous landmarks of the Old Town on this 90-minute venture and Viking tour! By the end, you’ll be well versed in everything historical Stockholm and traditional Swedish. Oh! And we can’t forget that you’ll also have completed your Viking-in-training, ready to bring back the glory days of our ancestors when called upon!

“Arrrgh!”: Our Viking guides would like you to know that this is a walk of Stockholm’s Old Town with a twist, a Viking twist that is. They’ll be dressed in traditional gear and bring helmets to borrow during the tour.

Tour includes: Private Guide Dressed as Viking, Viking Helmets to Borrow

Would you like to see where the Vikings used to live? You’ll find our Vain Vikings Private Driving Tour here

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    • Prebooking:Not required
    • Length: 1h 30m
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    The day of the tour

    The day of the tour

    Where to meet

    The tour departs from Stortorget, outside the Nobel Museum, located in the Old Town. *Custom inner-city pick up location available upon request (i.e. hotel).
    The majority of this tour takes place in areas where you will have to walk on cobblestones. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

    In case you need to reach us

    head quarter: +46 8 410 773 30