A hot and cold experience in Copenhagen: CopenHot

February 6, 2018 • 1 min read

Are you looking for a different experience for your vacation in Copenhagen? We have a suggestion. It’s called a Sailing hot spa, arranged by the company CopenHot, and is basically a floating spa. 

During Winter, the Scandinavian weather can be quite rough. This is not a problem if you choose to book something with CopenHot. With their spa boat, you can cruise along the canals of Copenhagen whilst you’re enjoying a beer or two (if you want to). Thinking it’s too cold for a boat tour? Nah! The spa boat actually consists of 40℃/104℉ hot clean salt water. Available in the boat, which also has a skipper, you have Bluetooth, so you can pick the mood with your own music and a safety case for your mobile phone.

CopenHot has lots of other stuff to try, like a fire-heated barrel spa and a wooden sauna with a tremendous view over the harbour. Check out all the experiences CopenHot offer on their website.