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Whilst Oslo could be considered the smaller sibling of OURWAY Tours’ Scandinavian cities, it more than holds-its-own identity within our family of fantastic destinations. This compact city has had a complex past, with Norway having only become fully independent in 1905 – both Denmark and Sweden have had their share of power over the centuries! Whilst proudly patriotic as the nation’s capital, Oslo is a hugely welcoming city for visitors and enjoys a diverse population with many sides to its character.

Whether you get here by water or another way, the fjord is hard to miss…lucky for you! Its beautiful blue waters to the south complement the rising hillsides of the forest surrounding Oslo. Thanks to the Fjord City Project of the last few decades, easy access to the fjord and an enjoyable atmosphere around the water is of huge priority for the people of Oslo. For visitors and locals, wherever you find yourself, you’re close to the calming nature of the water and woods.

It’s easy to understand why the city was awarded the European Green Capital in 2019…and not just for its terrain! The conservation of its clean air and streets with its advanced infrastructure – including mostly-electric transport system – has made Oslo an inspirational illustration of a modern 21st Century city. This balances well with the preservation of its past, beginning with the unearthed Norse burial ships at home in the Viking Ship Museum. Its resilient history also proudly boasts the Nobel-Peace-Prize-giving City Hall, an enviously socially-democratic attitude reflected in its Parliament whilst boasting a much-loved Royal Family who looks adoringly over the capital from their Palace.

With nature and important national treasures to boast about, Oslo is still far from being trapped in tradition. From the iceberg cool architecture of the Opera House and beautiful street art, the modern eclectic expression is available for all to see. Oslo has hipster micro-breweries, a diverse music scene and a strong thirst for challenging theatre – inspired in the home of the ‘scandalous’ genius of playwright Henrik Ibsen. These traditional and modern marvels that make up the many sides of Oslo await you – let us at OURWAY Tours be your guide to the really good stuff!

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