Culture Night in Copenhagen

October 6, 2016 • 1 min read

Just like it’s sister cities in Scandinavia, Copenhagen has an annual Culture Night. A night when hundreds of cultural events happens all in one night. 

On Friday the 14th of October, it’s finally time for Copenhagen Culture Night, or Kulturnatten as they call it. On this night normally hidden places open up for the public – churches, art galleries, hundreds of museums opens up their secret towers, basements and hidden rooms for the public to see. Of course the streets of Copenhagen are more than ever filled with people, really making it a national holiday.

To join in on all the fun, you need a Cultural Pass. This will give you access to all events taking place during the evening and even free public transport, so you can get around easily! The pass can be bought in various places, the libraries, most train stations and 7-eleven and costs DKK 90.

For program and more information, go to Culture Night’s website.