Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have – The secret oasis

September 13, 2016 • 1 min read

If you’re getting tired of the exhaust fumes and congestion in the city, we know a place where you can rest your feet and breath calm air – Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have, located in the middle of Copenhagen.

On Slotsholmen, located between the Christianborgs Palace and the Royal Library, you will find the hidden gem and paradise Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have. In matter of fact, it’s actually the Royal Library’s Garden. It’s hard to believe that the bustling city center is so close, when you see the magnificent fountain in the middle of the garden, the flowering beds and beautiful trees. That’s exactly why it’s the perfect get-away.

Are you craving some calm? Here’s a map to Det Kongelige Bibliotekets Have.