Discover Christmas in Copenhagen

December 6, 2016 • 2 min read

Copenhagen should be on many more peoples list on cities to visit during Christmas season. It’s Scandinavian darkness is lit by the many Christmas decorations, the Christmas markets are many and there’s plenty to see. Here’s what we would recommend. 

Shop til’ you drop at a cosy Christmas Market. If there’s anything Copenhagen is good at during Christmas, it’s markets! One of our favourites has to be the one at the amusement park Tivoli, mostly because of it’s cosy decorations this time of year. Here they also have a honey cake castle and a santa claus for the kids! Find other market’s at Visit Copenhagen’s website.

Get into the spirit by going ice-skating by Frederiksberg Gardens. Every year, the Frederiksberg Runddel turns into a huge ice rink. It’s free to go ice skating and you can rent a pair of skates if you don’t have any with you for DKK 50.

Try the yearly Christmas beer by Tuborg. This tradition actually already starts in the beginning of November, but the beer of course stays for Christmas. It’s on the first Friday of November that brewery Tuborg release their Christmas beer during what it’s known as J-Dag (J-Day). Read more about the phenomena here and don’t forget to try the Christmas beer on a pub during your time in Copenhagen.

Watch the Lucia Kayak in Copenhagen’s canals. It’s a strange tradition, but it’s fun! Every year, people bring their pimped kayaks and go down in the canals of Copenhagen. The finest kayak is nominated and wins a bottle of champagne. If you want to rent a kayak that’s also possible. All info can be found in this Facebook-event.