Snow has finally made its way to Oslo and we couldn’t be more excited. Are you planning on visiting the capital of Norway around Christmas? Perfect. Not sure what you should do? Even better. We’ve listed our favourite places to see, to eat and things to do for Christmas in Oslo. So put an extra jumper on and dust off your Norwegian dictionary, we’re visiting Winter Wonderland Oslo edition.

Oslos most “Christmassy” places

City centre

During Christmas, the city centre of Oslo is lit up by thousands of lights and sparkling decorations. Here you’ll find a giant Christmas tree, a talking reindeer and Santa Claus himself. In addition to that, you can get on a carousel and visit a tent with kids activities. Walking through the city and exploring is the perfect way to spend your day in Oslo, especially if you’re travelling with kids.

Christmas markets

Looking for the most Christmassy spots in Oslo? Then the many Christmas markets are the places to be. See how the impressive decorations light up the capital and turn Oslo into a Christmas Wonderland. We’ve listed some of our favourite Christmas markets below.

Oslos best Christmas markets

Jul i Vinterland

Welcome to Oslo’s maybe cosiest Christmas market; Jul i Vinterland. The market is located on the main street of Oslo, Karl Johans gate, close to The Royal Palace. At the Christmas market, you can, for example, get roasted almonds, Christmas ornaments and enjoy some traditional Norwegian food and drinks. When you’re done strolling around the market, you can visit the ice-skating rink closeby to do some laps. Pretty great right?


Christmas market at Youngstorget

Hadeland Glassverk is a popular Christmas market, found outside of Oslo. Located in a gallery of a glasswork, the cosy environment with thousands of lights will, without doubt, get you in the Christmas mood. Don’t miss going on the sleigh and have a cup of hot mulled wine while you admire the beautiful Norwegian glasswork.


Hadeland Glassverk

Feeling cold? Good thing Oslo has an indoor Christmas market located right in the city centre. This Sami-themed Christmas market has been around for over 10 years and is still very popular amongst the Norwegians. Walk around in large, heated tents and admire the impressive handmade jewellery, taste some dried reindeer meat and listen to some traditional Sami music.


Oslos best Christmas food

Engebret Café

Enjoy a traditional, Norwegian Christmas lunch at the oldest restaurant in Oslo, Engebret Café. You’ll find a buffet with cold and warm dishes, as well as a range of different desserts to choose from. Fun curiosa: the princess of Norway used to wait tables here as a single mother, before meeting her prince.



Teatercafeen is a popular restaurant known for its lively and atmospheric environment. At Teatercafeen you’re guaranteed a great food experience, tasting what Christmas in Oslo is like. The majestic roof arches and beautiful decorations add that extra value to your dining experience.


Grand Café

At Grand Café, you can experience some real Norwegian delicacies such as pinnekjøtt, which is salted and dried ribs, and some tasty stockfish. The restaurant is the perfect alternative if you’re in the city centre since it’s located on the main street of Oslo (Karl Johans gate).


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