Get to know Copenhagen: Latin Quarter

October 12, 2016 • 1 min read

Bound to Nørregade in the west and Vestergade to the south, The Latin Quarter in Copenhagen is a quirky little neighborhood. As referred to in Danish, Latinerkvarteret, has been the centre for learning of the Latin language since the Middle Ages. 

Today it’s one of the most alive neighborhoods of Copenhagen, filled with youths and alternative shops. It’s no wonder – the campus of Copenhagen University is located here. The name Latinerkvarteret refers to, as you might have guessed, the Latin language. Once upon a time the Latin language was widely spoken around Copenhagen University, which used to be located in the area.

Why is it worth to pay a visit to The Latin Quarters during your visit to Copenhagen? Well, it’s home to many of the most colourful street’s of the city, most famous is perhaps Larsbjørnsstræde. Besides from the pure sight for your eyes that the cute streets will bring, this area is filled with out-of-the-box shops, pubs and restaurants.