Landmarks in Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Theatre

November 29, 2017 • 1 min read

If you’re walking on the famous Kongens Nytorv square, you might spot a magnificent building in the corner of it all. This, most likely, is The Royal Danish Theatre.

Det Kongelige Teater, as it’s called in Danish, has gotten its name from the fact that it used to be the actual threat designated to the king. For most years, it’s been the theatre of the country. The theatre has been located here since 1748, and has been renovated and rebuilt several times. In 1874 the Old Stage was inaugurated, and is still the same today. What’s most remarkable about The Royal Danish Theatre is however the diversity, here you’ll find theatre, opera, ballet and orchestras. Two persons who’ve had personal history and impact on The Royal Danish Theatre are Søren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen. Outside the museum, you’ll spot two statues, one of Ludviq Holberg (Danish playwright, philosopher, writer etc) and one of Adam Oehlenschläger (Danish poet and playwright).

To see what’s happening at The Royal Danish Theatre, go to their website.