Driving tours in Stockholm

With OURWAY Tours behind the wheel, on our driving tours in Stockholm, we’ll take you down memory-making lanes and give you a panoramic overview of Sweden’s beating heart.

Why choose a driving tour in Stockholm?

Make the most of seeing the city in the shortest amount of time, and save your energy for the rest of your trip once we’ve given you the Swedes-eye-view. There will be the chance to walk at different sites and venues, yet you’ll be taken there in your own car, minivan or bus, with your guide with you at all times. They’ll inform you of life in the capital – from its 1200s founding to the modern metropolitan vibe – and being of service in any way they can, to make your trip a memorable one.

All our driving tours in Stockholm are private – it’s exclusively a tour for you and your party. The private tours give you added flexibility, such as being picked up and dropped from your inner-city lodgings, or places best suiting your plans either side of the excursion. Whether you’re in Stockholm for just a few hours or a day or so, our driving tours in Stockholm are often the most popular choice to see our scintillating city.

What do I experience on tour with OURWAY Tours?

As well as your guide, you’ll also get your own driver – a steady and safe pair of hands on the wheel that knows every cobble and curve of the streets to help you traverse the capital. As for what you see – well that’s up to you, we have an array of options for you to take your pick from!

Our Stockholm on Wheels Private Driving Tour gives you a taste of the many eclectic and diverse areas of Stockholm. Which area will you fall in love with?

With our Stockholm Highlights Private Driving Tour you’ll not only see the Stockholm City Hall amongst many other cultural and architectural institutions, but you’ll have a great (mari)time at the Vasa museum. The museum is the proud home to the well-preserved ship-wreck that sat at the bottom of the sea for 333 years!

Deciding on our driving tours in Stockholm can include an adventure of Viking proportions – our Vain Vikings of Runriket Private Driving Tour will take you to runes carved a thousand years ago as we hear of governor Jarlabanke. He raised five rune stones and built a bridge in memory of himself. Hmm…humble! Staying with extravagance – though more royal than rune-carvings – the Sigtuna & Drottningholm Private Driving Tour brings you to Drottningholm Palace (the King’s residence) before we escape the aristocracy to the rural settlement of Sigtuna – the first town of Sweden!

Interested in our driving tours in Stockholm? Then you’ll also love what we have to offer in Oslo and Copenhagen, with our full list of driving tours in Scandinavia available to view.

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Stockholm's Old Town & City Hall

Stockholm 3h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

With an eager architect, skilful workers and a top spot, the Stockholm City Hall is a masterpiece. On our Stockholm’s Old Town & City Hall Private Walking Tour, we’ll tour two of our favourites sites, the Stockholm City Hall and Old Town.

eur 96
per person

Stockholm Must Sees

Stockholm 3h 0m- 5h 0m 1 - 27 Multiple languages

Small group tour & private tour options available

If there’s one tour you’re going to take in Stockholm, this is the one! Be prepared to “ooh” and “aww” your way through two absolute Stockholm Must Sees, the Old Town and Vasa Museum. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

eur 161
per person

Drottningholm Palace

Stockholm 5h 0m 1 - 20 Multiple languages

What does a well-preserved 1600s palace, theatre and pavilion give you? A UNESCO World Heritage Site. On our Drottningholm Palace Private Walking Tour, we’ll travel by steamer to explore Drottningholm Palace and its gardens.

eur 292
per person

Stockholm Highlights

Stockholm 4h 0m- 8h 0m 1 - 27 Multiple languages

What does a visit to the Vasa Museum, Old Town and City Hall give you? If you throw in a scenic ferry ride, you have our Stockholm Highlights Private Walking Tour. Did we mention it’s Jam-packed with great stories too?

eur 150
per person

Uppsala’s Secrets

Stockholm 7h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

STOCKHOLM. 7hrs. What do Swedens’s first University and largest cathedral have in common? Uppsala, of course! From former scientist to students of today, discover this intellectual hot spot on our Uppsala’s Secrets Private Driving Tour.

eur 353
per person

Stockholm’s Amazing Architecture

Stockholm 3h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

On our private walking tour of Stockholm’s Amazing Architecture, dive into the city’s rich architectural history and explore the city’s many styles. We give you classical, modern and futuristic tastefully pieced together!

eur 108
per person

Stockholm & Skansen Open-Air Museum

Stockholm 4h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Hoping to see all of Sweden on your Stockholm trip? Sure thing! Visit Skansen, a miniature Sweden of the past, on our Stockholm & Skansen Open-Air Museum Private Walking Tour. Immerse yourself in the Swedes’ history, culture, and customs.

eur 221
per person

Sigtuna & Drottningholm Palace

Stockholm 6h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

eur 371
per person

Stockholm on Wheels

Stockholm 2h 0m- 4h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

As you sit back and relax we zoom through Stockholm on Wheels. From trendy Södermalm and cozy Old Town to posh Östermalm and lush Djurgården, you see it all on this bus tour of Stockholm. Which will be your favorite part?

eur 126
per person

Swedish Pop Wonders

Stockholm 2h 0m 8 - 30 Multiple languages

Sweden has one of the world’s biggest exports when it comes to music. On the bus tour Swedish Pop Wonders we combine some of the greatest hits with Stockholm sightseeing. How about ABBA and Europe?

eur 85
per person

The Grand Stockholm

Stockholm 6h 0m 1 - 30

The name says at it all! Stockholm in a Nutshell includes all the mayor highlights of the city: the Old Town, Royal Palace, Vasa Museum and City Hall.

eur 418
per person

Vain Vikings of Runriket

Stockholm 4h 0m 1 - 30 Multiple languages

Plain vikings, vain vikings – we have had them all. Travel to Runriket and meet Jarlabanke, with a bit of imagination you’ll see yourself in the mist of the tv-series The Vikings. This part of history is waiting for you!

eur 247
per person