Photo exhibition at Frederiksborg Palace

November 4, 2016 • 1 min read

Frederiksborgs Palace, located approx. 50 minutes north of Copenhagen, will show an exhibition made by Marco Grob the whole autumn. It consists of 70 iconic portraits made by the photographer, who’s born in Switzerland. 

Among the portraits that Marco Grob has taken – and that will be displayed in the Danish palace – there are personalities like George Clooney, the Danish Royal Couple, Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Most of the portraits have been published in big magazines such as Vogue and Times.

Besides from the exhibition, Frederiksborgs Palace is an experience on it’s own. It’s located right by a beautiful lake and has tremendous amount of history and interior that tells you a lot about Denmarks history. The exhibition by Marco Grob is shown inside the The Museum of National History, which is located in the palace. More information about the museum and exhibition can be found on The Museum of National History’s website.