Springtime in Copenhagen

January 1, 1970 • 3 min read

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping and the sun is slowly but steadily finding its way back to Scandinavia. That’s right, spring is around the corner and we are spending it in Copenhagen! Also planning a visit? Luckily we’ve prepared what you can do, eat and where to stay during your visit to the hometown of some of the happiest people in the world.

To do

1. King’s Garden

The nature in Copenhagen is flourishing and what better way to welcome spring, than visiting one of Copenhagen’s beautiful gardens? One of our favourites is the Kings Garden, also referred to as Rosenborg Castle Garden. It’s located in central Copenhagen and is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll down peaceful pathways, surrounded by flowerbeds.

2. Museums

The perfect activity while waiting for the temperature to rise? Getting cultural at museums! At The National Gallery of Denmark, you can enjoy classical Danish art, modern art, as well as contemporary exhibitions. Another favourite is the Nikolaj Kunsthal, which is located in an old church from the 1200s. Here you’ll experience Danish and international art. Pretty cool!

3. Tivoli

Springtime in Copenhagen equals visiting the amusement park, Tivoli. Enjoy the beautiful garden, say hi to the animals, go on a ride, and maybe catch a concert. You also have numerous restaurants and different food stalls to choose from. The options are endless!

To eat

1. The Tower

Visit Copenhagen’s highest tower and enjoy some Danish cuisine 106 metres up in the air. The Tower is the popular view point that offers both a magnificent view and amazing smørrebrød. A great choice if you want to experience the city from above and taste the culture.

2. Café og Restaurant Ofelia

Located in the impressive Royal Danish Playhouse, Café og Restaurant Ofelia offers a delicious brunch and traditional Danish food. If the sun’s out, we really recommend you to sit on the terrace and look out over the harbour while soaking up some vitamin D.

To stay

1. 71 Nyhavn

Right around the corner of The Royal Playhouse, you find what used to be two old warehouses from the 1800s. This unique hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Copenhagen and offers a view of the lively harbour.

2. Admiral Hotel

Admiral Hotel is surrounded by great shopping, the leading theatres, and must-see locations in Copenhagen. From the hotel, you can see the Opera House, The Royal Playhouse and the charming harbour. A great alternative if you want to explore the city on foot!