Stockholm Culture Festival & We are STHLM, 14-18th of August 2018

August 14, 2018 • 2 min read

Stockholm Culture Festival & We are STHLM, 14-18th of August 2018

Enjoy Stockholm Culture Festival & We Are STHLM between the 14-18th of August 2018 with lots of activities and performances. It’s an annual festival with over 600 program items revolving around anything that falls under the category of culture, music, art, photography, acting, etc. Last year over 750 000 visitors came to the festival, and the turnout this year is expected to be the same. Here’s what you need to know!

What’s On?

The Stockholm Culture Festival and its youth-orientated sister festival, We Are STHLM, offer over 600 program items throughout the five-day duration of the festival. Guided tours, classes, entertainment, performances, art shows and more are provided throughout the festival. The theme of this year’s festival is Canada.
We Are STHLM is situated in the King’s Garden, Kungsträdgården, and there are lots of activities to do here during the days and live performances during the evenings.

Instead of listing 600+ items for you to read through, here’s a link that will take you to their official website, on which you can easily navigate through the different events, CLICK HERE. (You can switch between languages if you click “Meny” at the top right and then click the Globe where it says “Språk”)

Pricing and Location

The festival is covering the whole downtown of Stockholm, but the main venues for the Stockholm Culture Festival are:
(all of the listed items are links which will take you to their location on Google Maps)

The Stockholm Culture Festival and We Are STHLM are both free festivals, with the exception of guided tours which will cost you. They are, however, cheap; most of the guided tours will only run you 30 SEK per person.

So, enjoy the festival and make sure you visit the official website for more information regarding the festival. Have an amazing week!

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