The best pizza in Copenhagen? Bæst!

February 14, 2017 • 1 min read

We visited this restaurant already in October, and boy, are we happy about this! The restaurant Bæst have made it to the newspaper The Guardians’ list of the world’s best pizzas. 

Yep, we hate to say that we saw it coming, but we saw it coming. It was in The Guardians list of “The 10 best pizzerias worldwide” that the restaurant Bæst, a few weeks ago, made it to spot number 8. We are not surprised. Although there were lots of good stuff in the tasting menu – which will make you full for days – it was the pizza that stuck out. Simple, Neapolitan pizza that stuck out. The restaurant even has a special built wood-fired oven, built for them and just them in Naples. In there, they bake their pizza at 500 C degrees. It’s no wonder they’ve made the list.

See the menu and book your table at the restaurant’s website. We think it’s now safe to say it literally is the best pizza in Copenhagen.