The coolest park in Copenhagen – Superkilen

September 8, 2016 • 1 min read

With it’s 30 000 square meters, the park Superkilen is not only a must, it’s most definitely the coolest park in Copenhagen. 

The park Superkilen is located in the Copenhagen area Nørrebro and was inaugurated in 2012. It’s located on each side of a bicycle path and consists of three areas: a red square, a black yard and a green park. All of them are separated into themes; the red area is a place for leisure, cafés and music – it’s here you relax, the black can more be described as a yard where neighbours can meet, talk and have a barbecue. The green park is of course entirely green and is a spot for picnics, sports and walking your dog.

Superkilen is most definitely a must when visiting Copenhagen!