Things to do in Copenhagen in October

September 26, 2017 • 2 min read

October is approaching in the same pace as the leaves are turning red, yellow and orange – quickly! Here’s what you should to in Copenhagen in October.

Copenhagen Culture Night
In just one night, Copenhagen will offer hundreds of cultural events to the public. On the 13th of October, you’ll be able to visit places that are normally closed for the public and participate in plenty of events in churches, exhibition halls, museums, institutions and towers. To participate in the events of the Culture Night, you need to buy a Culture Pass for DKK 95, which will give you free access to all events and free public transportation. The full program can be explored here.

Visit the Open Air Museum
Cause this is the time of year to do so. The air is crisp and the nature is beautiful! The Open Air Museum in Copenhagen is a historical museum where you get to experience the countryside of historic Denmark. Explore how life was centuries ago, including homes, landscapes, buildings and people from the past. Visit the Open Air Museum’s website for information about opening hours and current exhibitions.

Halloween at Tivoli
From October 13 to November 5th, Tivoli will turn into a scary and enchanting Halloween venue. A new attraction for this year is Dæmonen (the Demon), which sounds exactly as scary as it probably is. You’ll be stuck in a rollercoaster passing 3 loops at 80 km per hour. Oh, and it has fire-sprawling dragons and demons exploding around you. Should be fun… Plan your visit to Halloween at Tivoli on their website.