Three food markets in Copenhagen you don’t want to miss

April 24, 2017 • 2 min read

The time has finally come when it’s DOABLE to sit outside and eat. Oh, how we’ve missed it. Let’s celebrate the warm winds of spring with a list of three fabulous food markets in Copenhagen you don’t want to miss during your vacation.

Copenhagen Street Food @ Papirøen
It’s been referred to as the first “genuine” food market of Copenhagen. Located on the island of Papirøen (Paper Island), it’s a great place to relax and enjoy yummy food. On sunny days you can sit in the deck chairs on the pier and have a view of the whole city, and when it’s raining you can eat inside the big hall that makes the food market. At Copenhagen Street Food you can buy food from all over the world from the food trucks, and of course sip on some coffee or beer. Often they have events and activities in the market, if you’re lucky you can combine your meal with a show. To go to Copenhagen Street Food, cross the bridge Inderhavnsbron to Christianshavn and then cross the smaller bridge to Papirøen.

Torvehallerne in Nørreport
In the city district of Nørreport lies the market place Torvehallerne, a popular food market since 2011. Spread on 60 stalls, you’ll find everything from Italian to French delicacies, a store completely dedicated to The Stone Age-diet to regular street food. In Torvehallerne, you’ll find a place that’s always alive, with locals enjoying a glass of wine in the middle of the day or the family buying food for dinner. Enjoy a festive lunch or just take a sandwich to go – everything works! To go to Torvehallerne, go to Nørreport Station and walk to Frederiksborggade 21.

Westmarket – Vesterbro
It’s the newest and largest addition to the city of Copenhagen, Westmarket opened in 2017 and has since then been a great success to the neighborhood of Vesterbro. Located on Vesterbrogade 97, it’s centrally located and with it’s generous opening hours 08.00 – 22.00 – they’ve gotten popular quickly. Here you’ll find everything from smaller pubs to flower shops. Either sit down and have lunch or dinner at one of the many street food restaurants offer here, or take away to the park on a sunny day.
Three favourites in Copenhagen when it comes to food markets, enjoy!