Three things you need to check out in Copenhagen this summer

May 29, 2017 • 2 min read

Copenhagen is a great city to visit regardless if the sun’s shining or the snow’s covering the ground. But there’s just something special about being in Copenhagen during summer. Here’s three things you cannot miss if you’re going! 

Soak up the sun and feel that summer breeze from the sea
Copenhagen is very much surrounded by water which enable one of our most beloved things to do: hang out by the waterfronts! Buy yummy picnic stuff at the nearest supermarket and set the table wherever it suits you. Three beloved examples of places in Copenhagen that’s great for picnics are Islands Brygge, Dronning Louises Bro and the canals of Christianshavn.

Tivoli – Copenhagen’s amusement park and fabulous concert venue all in one
Since 1843 the amusement park Tivoli has been offering residents and visitors of Copenhagen an experience out of the ordinary. The carousels are surrounded by beautiful gardens and over 30 restaurants of all types and for every wallet. Besides the obvious reason for a visit – going for a ride in one of the many carousels – you can enjoy concerts, fireworks and theatres at Tivoli. The full programme can be spotted here. We can’t imagine a better place to spend a lovely summer evening. PS. Did you know that Hans Christian Andersen was so inspired by the lovely gardens when it just had opened, that he wrote the fairytale the Nightingale efter? As if you weren’t already convinced by this blog post’s photo yet!

Stay surrounded by flowers at Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden
What better way to celebrate summer than smelling flowers, watching cool plants and lay down for a while in a beautiful setting? The 10 hectares big Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen is located in the inner city and it costs nothing to enter. Their collection of living plants consists of more than 13,000 species. Don’t miss the lovely glasshouses and two cafés! 

You want more? Check out the Deer Park in Dyrehaven, travel to Louisiana Museum of Modern Artgo swimming or stroll at Glyptoteket.