New tours in Scandinavia

As the cultural landscape shifts, new tours in Scandinavia need to be created by someone! Luckily for our guests, OURWAY Tours are committed to move with the times – you won’t find us standing still!

Part of our purpose is to give back to the cities we love by giving their visitors an adventure to cherish forever. When we began in 2011, finding a fresh approach to creating tours was key in building the collaborative and popular company that OURWAY Tours is today. Times may change, but our values remain rooted in designing brand new tours in Scandinavia. With our extended family of guides, partners, and guests, even those returning to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen benefit from a fresh perspective every time.

As the latest museums, attractions and on-trend experiences appear, we want to ensure our guests get acquainted with the ones really worth relishing. Based in Stockholm, developing in-house tours is an international experience as we communicate across the countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway to bring you up to date with the most marvellous and essential experiences in the capitals of Scandinavia.

As any great guide knows, listening to the needs and opinions of guests is just as important as dishing out the details of a destination. This is why we’re always open to hearing about the stuff you want to see a little more of and are grateful to know we’re repeatedly hitting the target with tours you love. When we hear positive vibes about an attraction getting a lot of attention, or notice a vibrant buzz around a particular building, district or activity that is getting people excited, we take notice. Our Tripadvisor reviews in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen speak for themselves…and we’re not planning to take our eye off the ball!

The OURWAY Tours’ family is made up of a rich pool of guides across our three locations, and these experienced and enthusiastic locals keep their ears to the ground. We know what trends are all the rage and are rumbling through our cultural cityscapes to help us build new tours in Scandinavia. Check out what we have to offer in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

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