Copenhagen & City Hall - Accessible Private Driving Tour

COPENHAGEN. 3hrs. What should a visit to any city include? We suggest a sweeping hall, tower top viewpoint and a scenic drive. Sound exciting? Our Copenhagen & City Hall Private Driving Tour will leave you wanting more of the city!

The story about the tour

Have you heard about the beauty of the city hall buildings found in the Scandinavian capitals? Are you dying to know what the fuzz is all about? Wonder no more! On our Copenhagen & City Hall Accessible Private Driving Tour, your guide and driver will pick you up in an accessible van complete with a ramp making it possible to stay seated in a wheelchair or scooter and take you for a half-day outing in the Danish capital. No matter how brief, the city halls of the Scandinavia's capitals are well worth a visit - don't take our word for it - join us and find out for yourself!

Once securely fastened we'll begin with a scenic drive through the city, zooming past landmarks such as the Copenhagen City Hall, Tivoli Gardens, the Church of Our Saviour, The Citadel, Christiansborg Palace. As no visit to Copenhagen is complete without a visit to the statue of the Little Mermaid, we'll make a short stop for a photo or two, in other words, make sure you bring your camera! Back on the road again, we'll see the Copenhagen Opera across the harbour from Amalienborg Palace and as we zig-zag our way through Copenhagen will cover the many stories of the city's history and culture. 

Our next stop is the Copenhagen City Hall located at the City Hall Square, the former Hay Market of Copenhagen. Depending on your time of visit, you may see a political protest, a music festival or other types of events. Popping inside we'll explore the main hall, decorated with Danish flags and stories of Copenhagen's long history. If available we'll make sure to check out Jens Olsen's Astronomical Clock before going back outside to enjoy the City Hall's exterior. Before you know it, time is up, and it's time to bring you back to where we began. Hopefully filled with new impressions, a little wiser and with a wish to see more of Copenhagen. 

Please note: Due to a large number of events, partial or full closure of the City Hall can take place.

Tour Includes: Private Guide, Private Accessible Van & Driver, Copenhagen City Hall (Free Entry)

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    The day of the tour

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    Please be at the departure point 10 minutes early to check-in for your tour.

 Look for our guide holding the OURWAY logo as a sign. If you have trouble locating the guide or the meeting point, please give us a call a few minutes before the start of the tour. When you call before the tour begins, we have a greater chance of helping you find your way. 

Denmark is a country with four seasons. Please dress accordingly. Please note: Due to a large number of events, partial or full closure of the City Hall can take place.

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