Oslo & Ice Bar

Hoping to see Oslo in the wintertime but you’re visiting in summer? We can’t give you snow, but we can give you ice! On our Oslo & Ice Bar Private Walking Tour we’ll sightsee in Oslo and top it off with a cool drink. Skål!

The story about the tour

Wondering if Norwegians in Oslo take their skis to work? Well, they might, but not year-round. It may be the north, but there is summertime here too. Even if you are visiting in the summertime, you can still experience the chill of winter in the heart of the city centre at the ice bar, Magic Ice Oslo. Combining the best of both seasons (if you are indeed visiting in summertime) on our Oslo & Ice Bar Private Walking Tour, we’ll do a walking exploration of the charming city centre of Oslo ending with a visit to cool down for a drink at the ice bar (or warm-up if it’s the middle of winter!).

Setting off with warm vibes, reminiscent of the jungle, from the tiger statue at Jernbanetorget next to Oslo Central Station, we’ll begin our expedition through the city catching all the main sights of central Oslo. What might these include you ask? How about a floating iceberg out front of the Oslo Opera House, the brick ramparts of Akershus Fortress, and the old western train station that is now home to the Nobel Peace Center. But of course, we cannot forget famous Norwegian figures who have a connection to Oslo. Hear about composer Edvard Grieg at a restaurant he used to frequent, Engebret Café, playwright Henrik Ibsen at the National Theatre and see recreations of artist Edvard Munch’s works at Magic Ice Oslo.

When arriving at Magic Ice Oslo, don your warm winter poncho and accompanying gloves provided by Magic Ice, before entering the ice bar. We promise you’ll need them as your glass is made out of ice! Sip your drink while taking in the magnificent ice-art gallery comprised of famous works by Norwegian artists including Munch, all made out of ice! Once you’ve cooled off and have enjoyed the thrill of the ice bar, it’s time to step back outside, ending our Oslo & Ice Bar Private Walking Tour at Magic Ice Oslo. In the middle of the city centre, it’s perfect for continuing to the nearby museums and attractions!

Please note: A non-alcoholic option provided to guests under 18 or who do not drink alcohol. Due to high demand, the Ice Bar may not be available on short notice. 

Tour includes: Private Guide, Ice Bar Entrance Fee (incl. one drink, warm poncho & gloves)

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    • Length: 3h 0m
    • Distance: 3.1 km
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      Guide Ice Bar Entrance Fee (incl. 1 drink, warm poncho & gloves)
    • Cancellation policy: 7 days
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    The day of the tour

    The day of the tour

    Where to meet

    Please be at the departure point, The Tiger Statue, outside Oslo Central Station – located at Jernbanetorget, 10 minutes early to check-in for your tour.
    Look for our guide holding the OURWAY logo as a sign.
 If you have trouble locating the guide or the meeting point, please give us a call a few minutes before the start of the tour. When you call before the tour begins, we have a greater chance of helping you find your way. 

    Norway is a country with four seasons. Please dress accordingly. 

    Please note: A non-alcoholic option provided to guests under 18 or who do not drink alcohol. Due to high demand, the Ice Bar may not be available on short notice. 

    In case you need to reach us

    head quarter: +46 8 410 773 30