Two things you need to eat in Copenhagen this summer

May 10, 2017 • 2 min read

One of the most important things during a vaction, in our opinion, is the food. The food says so much about a country, and Denmark is no exception. Here’s two dishes you should try out during your vacation in Copenhagen this summer. 

Summery Smørrebrød
Smørrebrød is in many ways like a fancy, open sandwhich. The bottom is always made out of buttered rye bread, and the toppings is what differs the smørrebrød. Among the most popular ones you’ll find liver pie, salt roll, onion rings and sauce or lettuce, tomato slices, a fried paned plaice fillet, possibly poached egg, as well as shrimps and caviar.  One of the restaurants that’s famous for it’s smørrebrød is Aamanns.

The red hotdog – Rød pølse
This famous delicacy might look a big scary, but boy is it good! The brightly red, boiled pork sausage is almost known as a national course in Denmark due to it’s popularity. The rod polse is most commonly served with remoulade sauce, ketchup or mustard, pickled slice cucumber and fried onions. The famous sausage can be found in almost any hot dog stand, so why not pick one up on the way?!

…and what about the drinks?
The Danes are most known for (and proud of) their beer Carlsberg, famous all over the world. If you’re feeling really frisky, why not combine the beer with a shot of akvavit or Gammel Dansk? What that is, you’ll just have to find out.