What’s there to see and do in Christianshavn?

August 28, 2017 • 2 min read

Longing to explore something beyond the city center in Copenhagen? Head to Christianshavn! This city district is the art mecka of the city and offers plenty of cool stuff to see and to.

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
The Danish Architecture Centre is, as the name might suggest, the main space for exhibitions within architecture. The exhibitions normally lasts two-three months, and often focuses on either a Danish or international architect or has a special theme. Besides from the architecture, the centre has the biggest shop for architecture books. See what exhibitions are on when you’re in town on their website.

Copenhagen Contemporary
Copenhagen Contemporary is a 3400 square meter big venue with contemporary art. If you’re interested in art installations, this is the place to visit. It’s located in a former industrial building on Paper Island, right next to the Copenhagen Street Food market, so why not combine your visit with a lunch? Here you can see the current exhibitions at Copenhagen Contemporary, if you ask us, Yoko Ono’s is a must.

The free town of Christiania
If you’re in Christianshavn, a visit to Christiania is pretty much a must do. It’s known as the “hippie-town”, with it’s 34 hectares, Christiania is a self-proclaimed neighborhood with around 800 residents. Christiania was funded by a group of hippies in a military area in 1971 and has been a source of controversy since. There’s lots to see here: everything from restaurants (most often vegan and/or organic), music venues, art galleries, shops and workshops can be found. Not to forget it’s gorgeous nature, Christiania is probably as un-touched as a neighborhood in central Copenhagen can be.