Winter in Tivoli – First time ever!

January 26, 2018 • 1 min read

Copenhagen’s one and only amusement park Tivoli will, for the first time ever, open its doors to the public in February this year. In honour of their 175th birthday, they offer Winter in Tivoli for the very first time.

That Tivoli in Copenhagen often opens its doors during holidays may not come as a surprise to you. Since 1994, they open during Christmas, and since 2006 Halloween. In 2018, they open in February for the very first time, offering a Winter Wonderland. Normally they are closed from New Year’s to Easter. From February 2nd to 25th, Tivoli will turn into a Winter Wonderland with Snowy items, an ice skating rink, a giant igloo and shows on the ice. A few rides that can handle the Danish Winter will be open, and they will be offered at a lower cost. Read more about Winter in Tivoli on Tivoli’s website. We are excited to make Winter in Copenhagen a new tradition of ours!