5 reasons Stockholm is best to visit in the autumn

September 12, 2016 • 2 min read

Soon the leaves are turning red and then falling, the temperature will drop and the outdoor seatings closes. However, there are plenty of benefits with autumn. Here are five reasons why you should visit Stockholm in the autumn.

1. Though one of the greatest things about summer is the never ending light, it’s sort of cosy to have the darkness back again. The city lights that reflects in the water, walking down enlightened streets and sitting inside pubs and cafés. Everything is cosy! Here’s three tips: the Irish bar Wirströms on Stora Nygatan in Gamla stan, Vete-katten on Drottninggatan/Kungsgatan and Under Kastanjen on Brända Tomten in Gamla stan.

2. You won’t have to fight with other tourists over the crowded streets. For example, Gamla stan / Old Town and the city center is way more calmer than during summer. It’s like two new city districts.

3. No hard feelings for visiting lots and lots of museums! Stockholm is the home to plenty of great museums, and now you don’t have to feel guilty for skipping the sun for dark hallways. Among our favourites is Fotografiska, Museum of Photography, the Vasa Museum, the Royal Palace (not really a museum, but anyhow) and Moderna Museet (museum for modern and contemporary art).

4. A whole lot of events take place during autumn, more than in the summer if you ask us. Since the residents of Stockholm are no longer on vacation, the city can boom with concerts, musicals, shows and fairs. For example, the Open-air museum of Skansen’s autumn market 24-25 september, Regina Spektor playing at Cirkus on October 31st, the Farmer’s market at Katarina Bangata every Saturday until October 22st, the list goes on and on. A full list of events can be found here.

5. The nature is still gorgeous. It’s not only sunshine and green grass that makes the city of Stockholm beautiful, it’s sometimes even more prettier when autumn has arrived. Or how do you feel when you see this picture?