A 25-year old’s guide to Stockholm

September 20, 2016 • 5 min read

Stockholm has something that suites all ages, we can assure you. If you want to do the city as the 25-year old’s of the city does it, this is what one of OURWAY’s employees and 25-year old would suggest. 

Hi! I’m Mira. As a Stockholm resident since childhood you would think I know this city outside and in. I don’t. Stockholm is a never ending blooming city and new places keep popping up as soon as I think I’ve got it under control. However, I do have some favourites, out of which I’d thought I’d share some with you. Here’s what I would recommend for a 25-year-old visiting Stockholm, in other words – where you’ll probably find me on a weekend.

Where to eat
As being 25 necessarily doesn’t mean being rich, I will tell you about my favorite restaurants that suites both the one who’s travelling to Stockholm on a budget, as well as the one who is looking for a fancier dinner.
If you’re in the mood for a dinner amongst hip people in a noisy environment, Nytorget 6 is the place for you. Most main courses costs around SEK 200 and they are d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Oh, and the cocktails are great. And they have a house band. Ah, you most be sold already. Nytorget 6 is located at the same adress as the name – that is on Nytorget 6, in SoFo. Closest metro is Skanstull. Have a look at the menu here to be prepared!

Are you however out for a more romantic setting and want to spend a little more money, I would recommend Pastis in Gamla stan. The lighted candles during winter, the fact that it only has approx. 30 seats, the staff with their French accent… It’s unavoidable not to fall in love here. Pastis is located on Baggensgatan 12, just by Köpmantorget and St. George and the Dragon in Gamla stan (the Old Town). Book your table at Pastis’ website.

I couldn’t create this list without mentioning Racamaca, a small, small tapas restaurant and “hole in the wall” on Wolmar Yxkullsgatan 5B. This tiny place is while worth the wait (they don’t take bookings), and is perfect for just a glass of wine and a little treat. If you’re on a tight budget, head to taqueria La Neta, located on Barnhusgatan 2 and Östgötagatan 12B.

… Did I mention I like food?

Pastis Gamla stan. Photo: whiteguide.se

Where to shop

As shopping is one of the most personal things I can think of – I mean, we all have our own style, right? – I will try and be as general as I can. If you are after cheap and trendy, there is no store like H&M. On Drottninggatan, you have three (!) of them, located just by each other. Another store I love to botanize in is Monki. Monki-stores are spread all over the city, but for example there is one at Kungsgatan 52. If we continue on the Scandinavian theme, Weekday is another brand which has a lot of Scandinavian designers. There is one Weekday store located on Drottninggatan 63. If you’re more the second hand kinda’ gal’ (or boy) I would highly recommend finding a Myrorna store (one favourite of mine is Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 5) or Beyond Retro. Beyond Retro is a bit more expensive, but practically all clothes are fabulous. Since we have already planned a day for you on Drottninggatan, you can head up to the store located at Drottninggatan 77.

Beyond Retro on Drottninggatan. Photo: Beyond Retro

Where to start your evening out

Whether it’s just a beer to pause after shopping or to start your evening out, Stockholm has it all. The pubs are many, and the cocktail bars the same. For a pre-party mode Marie Laveau is perfect, located on Hornsgatan 66. On the entrance floor you’ll find a restaurant and a bar, whilst downstairs a club opens later in the evening. If you’re a bubbly person, Folkbaren, located a bit down the street (no 72) offers cava for SEK 59. For great cocktails, go to Haymarket by Scandic’s bar Americain, located on Hötorget 13-15. These bartenders have a bible out of which you can choose between classics and crazy’s. The beer lover can feel blessed in Stockholm too; Oliver Twist on Repslagargatan 6 has a tremendous range of beers, S:ta Clara Bierhaus on Lilla Nygatan 17 has that perfect setting for an afternoon IPA, Man in the Moon on Tegnérgatan 2C has won the prize “Best beer-restaurant in Stockholm” twice.

Bubbles for SEK 59 at Folkbaren! Photo: Folkbaren.se

Where to go partying

Where to go clubbing in Stockholm sort of depends on which season you are visiting. If you are here during the summer season you have the one and only Trädgården, which only can be described as a giant playground for adults. Go here for dancing, ping-pong, boule and music. If you’re here during winter, the same place houses the club Under Bron (Under the Bridge) but only indoors (it’s not as fun to play ping-pong in minus 20 degrees, so we don’t blame them). The clubs are located at Hammarby Slussväg 2. To find out what’s going on, keep a track on their Facebook-pages. Under Bron / Trädgården. Other places I would recommend is Häktet, located on Hornsgatan 82, and Debaser Strand on Hornstulls strand 4.

Trädgården / Under Bron. Photo: husetunderbron.se

The Instagram Spots

Let’s be honest – there are a few places that seem to gather the people I follow on Instagram like flies. Here’s a list, if you want to join them:
– Brunching at Café Pom and Flora
– Having tacos at Yuc!
– Sipping cocktails at Hantverket
– Friday evenings (in general) at Urban Deli Nytorget

Enjoy Stockholm!