Affordable lunches in Stockholm: A Bowl

October 18, 2016 • 1 min read

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Stockholm has a rumour about being expensive. Lunches are not an exception. As with anything, it’s a matter of knowing where to eat. Our category “Affordable lunches in Stockholm” will guide you on where to eat lunch in the city, without feeling like you’ve spent a fortune. 

Our first tip on lunch in Stockholm is the poke bowl place A Bowl, located on the street Blecktornsgränd 8, Mariatorget. Actually, it’s located in the middle of a long staircase (making the steps extra seats in the summertime!). Their menu is quite small – which we actually prefer – and you can choose between a few poke bowls. If it’s the first time you hear the word poke bowl, let us explain it to you. Poke heritages from Hawaii (where it’s served as an appetizer) and is a raw fish sallad, in Sweden mostly served with salmon or tuna. The word Poke is an Hawaiian word for “to slice or cut”. A Bowls poke bowls are the perfect sizes, feels fresh and taste delicious. Prices extends from SEK 80 – 130. Enjoy!