Classical Summer Concerts at Vigeland Museum

July 10, 2017 • 1 min read

If you’re into both art and classical music, this venue for a concert will suit you very well. Classical Summer Concerts, together with the beautiful works of Gustav Vigeland, what else could you ask for?

Every summer, the Norwegian violinist Ole Böhn arranges concerts at the courtyard of the Vigeland Museum. The museum is located close to Vigeland Park, at Nobels gate 32, and tickets (NOK 220 each) are sold at the museum at noon the same day as the concerts it to take place. The best thing is that if you want to explore the museum, it’s included in the ticket price! Every concert starts at 14.00. In the schedule for July, you’ll find a mix of Bach and Mozart; the full schedule can be found on Vigeland Museum’s website.